Internet Sites

This is a short list of some of the more interesting internet sites on research into wavelet analysis. For a more comprehensive review of wavelets on the world wide web, I suggest you refer to Amara's Wavelet Page.

Amara's Wavelet Page.

An Introductory tutorial to wavelet analysis and probably the best source of links and resources available on the internet.

The Wavelet Digest

This site contains the Wavelet Digest (an electronic journal) as well as various papers and software.

Wavelets Group Homepage

The Wavelet Group Homepage includes papers and information on the research being carried out by their research team.

Wavelet Sources

A Guide to Wavelet Sources

2-D Wavelet Packet Analysis of Structural Self-Organization and Morphogenic Regulation in Filamentous Fungal Colonies

Cameron L. Jones

This www paper develops a new Wavelet Packet software routine to determine the global Fractal Dimension of 2-D images. The software is applied to estimate the fractal dimension of various branching fungal colonies, and is an extension of a recent paper which applied the 1-D Wavelet packet Transform to estimate the Hurst exponent of fractal signals.