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Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 30, 1998)
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Wim Sweldens (

PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2002 9:17 am    
Subject: Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 30, 1998)
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Today's Editor: Wim Sweldens
Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories

Today's Topics:

1: Book: Wavelet Image and Video Compression
2: Preprint: A sampling theorem for shift invariant subspaces
3: Preprint: On the Asymptotic Behaviour of a Class of QMFs
4: Preprint: Translation- and Scale-Invariant Adaptive Wavelet Transform
5: Preprints: Two Preprints on Wavelet-based Video Coding
6: Preprint: Wavelet analysis of epileptic EEG
7: Preprint: Two Preprints on Scale Analysis of Non-Gaussian Time Series
8: Preprint: Approximation of multivariable refinable functions...
9: Thesis: Wavelets in Scientific Computing
10: Thesis: Lossless Image Compression using Wavelet Decomposition
11: Thesis: Enhancement of SNR in telecommunication systems
12: Software: Applet demonstrates the wavelet transform of an image
13: Meeting: Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation
14: Meeting: II Symposium on Artificial Intelligence
15: Course: Multiscale Analysis, London and , Karlsruhe, Sept. 98
16: Course: Wavelets and Time-Frequency Representations
17: Job: Research Scientist at Mathsoft, Seattle, WA
18: Contents: J. Approx. Th. - jun98 TOC
19: Answer: Intro to wavelets for non-mathematicians/engineers (WD 7.5 #42)
20: Answer: Maximum Absolute Deviation? (WD 7.5 #40)
21: Question: 2D wavelet transforms
22: Question: How to use wavelet to classify signals?
23: Question: Wavelets in applied density estimation?
24: Question: Wavelet curved edge detector?
25: Question: Looking for papers
26: Question: Wavelets and financial time series
27: Question: Wavelet coefficients in terms of shift and scale
28: Question: interpolation and wavelets
29: Question: Multiwavelet implementation?

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Jun 29-Jul 10: EMS Summer School on Wavelets, Paris
Jul 8-10: Nonlinear Modeling, Leuven, Belgium
Jul 30-Aug 7: Workshop on Self-Similar Systems, Dubna, Russia
*Sep 7-11: Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation, Israel
Sep 28-30: Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Penn State
Oct 4-9: School on Wavelets in the geosciences, Delft, Netherl.
Oct 5-8: 10th GAMM-Workshop on Multigrid Methods, Bonn, Germany
Oct 27-28: Wavelets in Biology and Medicine, Hong Kong
Feb 24-25: Royal Society London, UK
Feb 24-26: IEEE Information Theory Workshop, Santa Fe, NM
*Mar 22-26: II Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Havana, Cuba
Jul 1-7: Curves and Surfaces, St-Malo, France
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