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Answer: Wavelets and convolution theorem (WD 6.10 #26)
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Andrew Dorrell (

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 1997 5:02 pm    
Subject: Answer: Wavelets and convolution theorem (WD 6.10 #26)
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#21 Answer: Wavelets and convolution theorem (WD 6.10 #26)

My experience is that there is noting particularly nice about wavelet
domain convolution (as there are a lot of cross terms---especially in
ND). I have been doing a bit of it but find that any computational
advantage really comes from (compressing) the data, not the operator.
I have not however played around with many different bases or operator
classes. Would love to benefit from any insights that you gain.

Gerald Kaiser has however identified a class of convolutions which can
be implemented as multiplications in the scale domain:

author = {Gerald Kaiser},
title = {Wavelet filtering with the {M}ellin transform},
journal= "Applied Math. Letters",
year = 1995,
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author = {Gerald Kaiser},
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A number of authors have reported interest in what I think of as the
"half mapping" of convolution to the wavelet domain. That is, absorb
the convolution operator into either the analysis or synthesis filter
bank. Refs include:

title = {Orthonormal and Biorthonormal Filter Banks
as Convolvers, and Convolutional Coding Gain},
author = {P. P. Vaidyanathan},
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author = {G. Beylkin and B. Torr'{e}sani},
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Autocorrelation Shell and {H}ardy Wavelets},
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You may also be interested in checking out the perspective expressed in
author = {Alan R. Lindsey},
title = {The Non-Existence of a Wavelet Function Admitting a Wavelet
Transform Convolution Theorem of the Fourier Type},
note =
month = aug, year = 1994

Note from the editor:
The issue of wavelets and convolution has come up earlier
in the Wavelet Digest. Other answers you can find at
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