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Answer: Shape recognition and wavelets. (WD 6.4 #30)
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Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior (

PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 1997 1:24 pm    
Subject: Answer: Shape recognition and wavelets. (WD 6.4 #30)
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#22 Answer: Shape recognition and wavelets. (WD 6.4 #30)

Dear Mathieu Bringet

I have been working on multiscale shape analysis (specially in
applications of
neuromorphometry, i.e. shape analysis of biological neural cells), and I
have developed some tools using the wavelet transform.
Our basic reference is

J-P. Antoine and D. Barache and R.M. Cesar Jr. and L. da F. Costa,
Multiscale Shape Analysis using the Continuous Wavelet Transform, in
P. Delogne (ed.), Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image
Processing (ICIP-96), (Lausanne, Switzerland, September 16-19, 1996),
Vol. 1, 291--294,IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, 1996.

I also have some other related works on multiscale shape analysis like:

R.M. Cesar Jr. and L. da F. Costa, Shape Characterization by using the
Gabor Transform, Proc. 7th IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop
(Loen, Norway, September 1-4, 1996), 215--218, 1996.

R.M. Cesar Jr. and L. da F. Costa, Towards Effective Planar Shape
Representation with Multiscale Digital Curvature Analysis based on
Signal Processing Techniques, Pattern Recognition, 29(9):1559--1569,

R.M. Cesar Junior, R.C. Coelho and L. da F. Costa, Automatic
Classification of Retinal Ganglion Cells, Proc. II Workshop on
Cybernetic Vision, IFSC - USP, (São Carlos , SP, Brazil, 9-11
December 1996), 1996 (to appear).

R.M. Cesar Jr. and L. da F. Costa, The Application and Assessment of
Multiscale Bending Energy for Morphometric Characterization of Neural
Cells, Review of Scientific Instruments, 1997 (to appear).

If you (or any wavelet digest reader) are interested, I can mail you
the reprints, please indicate your address to me. All these papers
deal with 2D shape analysis through 1D transforms (i.e. contour based
shape analysis). If you are interested in 2D transforms, I suggest you
the works of J-P. Antoine and collaborators, like:

J-P. Antoine, P. Carrette, R. Murenzi and B. Piette, Image Analysis
with Two-Dimensional Continuous Wavelet Transform, Signal Processing,
31:241-272, 1993.

J-P. Antoine, R. Murenzi and P. Vandergheynst, Two-Dimensional
Directional Wavelets in
Image Processing, Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology, 1997 (in

J-P. Antoine and R. Murenzi, Two-Dimensional Directional Wavelets and
the Scale-Angle Representation, Signal Processing, 52:259-281, 1996.

There are also some papers using wavelets in the detection of
microcalcifications in mammograms. like:

R.N. Strickland and H. I. Hahn, Detection of microcalcifications in
mammograms using wavelets, in Proc. SPIE Conf. Wavelet Applicat. in
Signal and Image Processing II, San Diego, CA, vol. 2303, pp. 430 441,
July 1994.

H. Barman, G. Granlund, L. Haglund, Feature extraction for
computer-aided analysis of mammograms, International Journal of
Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 7(6):1339-1356, 1993.

And last (but not least), there are some other papers dealing with shape
codification and/or corner detection, like:

J.M. Chassery and J. Waku, Spécification d'une Ondelette pour
l'Analyse Multirésolution d'un Contour Discret, Traitement du
Signal et Images, 10(3):231-240, 1993. (in French)

C.-H. Chen, J.-S. Lee and Y.-N. Sun, Wavelet Transformation for
Gray-Level Corner Detection, Pattern Recognition, 28(6):853-861, 1995.

C.-H. Chuang and C.-C.J. Kuo, Wavelet Descriptor of Planar Curves:
Theory and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 5(1):
56-70, January 1996.

R.S. Kashi, P. Bhoi-Kavde, R.S. Nowakowski and T.V. Papathomas, 2-D
Shape Representation and Averaging using Normalized Wavelet
Descriptors, Simulation, 66(3):164-178, March 1996.

J.-S. Lee, Y.-N. Sun, C.-H. Chen and C.-T., Tsai, Wavelet Based Corner
Detection, Pattern Recognition, 26(6):853-865, 1993.

J.-S. Lee, Y.-N. Sun and C.-H. Chen, Multiscale Corner Detection by
Using the Wavelet Transform, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing,
4(1): 100-104, January 1995.

Y. Nakamura and T. Yoshida, Learning two-dimensional shapes using
wavelet local extrema, In Proceedings 12th International Conference on
Pattern Recognition, Conference C (Jerusalem, Israel, October 9-13,
1994), IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 48-52, 1994.

P. Wunsch and A.F. Laine, Wavelet Descriptors for multiresolution
Recognition of Handprinted Characters, Pattern Recognition, 28(8):
1237-1249, 1995.



Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior

Cybernetic Vision Research Group
GII - Instituto de Fisica de Sao Carlos,
Universidade de Sao Paulo,
Caixa Postal 369, Sao Carlos, SP
13560-970, Brazil
FAX: +55 (16) 271 3616
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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