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Question: Looking for contacts
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"Victor l. Richard" (

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 1997 7:20 pm    
Subject: Question: Looking for contacts
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#24 Question: Looking for contacts

My name is Edgar Oropesa. I am a young cuban physicist graduated in
Physics two years ago at the University of Havana. After graduating I
worked for two years in the Neurophysics Department at the
Neurosciences Centre in Havana. I carried out research on different
fields, such as: inverse problems, nonlinear dynamics, function
estimation, time series analysis and neural networks. These topics
were all related to the problem of functional mapping of the
brain. Since July'96 I am working in the Artificial Intelligence
Centre at the Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics in
Havana (ICIMAF).I belong to a group doing research on a project named
"Image and Data Compression using Wavelets Transforms and Fractal
Geometry". I am very interested in the topics regarding image and
signal processing and complex systems. There are two workgroups who
are working togehter. One group is the one of adaptative
computation. To this group belong ciberneticians who works with
genetic algorithms, neural networks and celular automata. I belong to
the other group built of Physicists who work on the field of signal
processing applying wavelet transforms, filter banks, wavelets
packets, multiresolution analysis. Now I work mainly on to
problems. The first the problem of best wavelets basis selection for
better image compresion rates. The second is related to the
Singularity and Edges Detection by processing of Images with
wavelets. The problems am working on can be reduced frecuently to an
optimization problem. That is the the problem of finding the best
solution belonging to a huge solutions space. To solve those very high
time-consuming problems we use adaptative methods, and that is the way
the two grups work together. We want in the future to analyse the
signals like analaysing dynamics systems and to built bifurcations
diagrams to analysis the evolution of the system. But we must first be
able to understand almost everything concerning Fourier and Wavelet
Analysis. For the timebeing I am studying the theoretical backgrounds
and practical applications of wavelets. I will appreciate any
information about courses or Ph.D. programs related to the topics I am
working on. I would like to contact any group which works on the same
topics as I do. If you want to send some information you may use the
Email's address of a friend of mine in Brazil. He sends me all the
mails to Cuba. I have a mail box at the ICIMAF but we have to pay for
every mail we receive and the Institute can not afford that. If the
mail is not to long you could send it to Cuba, but I would rather ask
you to send it to Brazil. The mail's addresses are:

(in Brazil)
(in Cuba)
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