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Preprint: Wavelet analysis of fungal colonies.
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Cameron Jones (

PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 1996 3:14 am    
Subject: Preprint: Wavelet analysis of fungal colonies.
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Preprint: Wavelet analysis of fungal colonies.

You may be interested to post the following information in the Wavelet
Digest about 2 Wavelet preprints detailing new software in S-Plus and
details of its' application in biotechnology.

2-D Wavelet Packet Analysis of Structural Self-Organization and
Morphogenic Regulation in Filamentous Fungal Colonies.

Cameron L. Jones
Centre for Applied Colloid and BioColloid Science, School of
Chemical Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn

Complex Systems 96 - "From Local Interactions to Global Phenomena";
July 14-17, 1996 Charles Sturt University; Albury - Wodonga, N.S.W,
Australia. Also in: Complex Systems 96 - From Local Interactions to
Global Phenomena. (Stocker, R., Jelinek, H., Durnota, B. and
Bossomaier, T. eds.) IOS Press, Amsterdam, 1996. pp. 12-23.

ABSTRACT: Fungal colonies are composed of filaments called hyphae
which self-organise into an interconnected, branching mycelium during
growth. These organisms display species-specific branching behaviour
and secrete exo-enzymes in response to nutrient assimilation. This
paper details a new image-analysis software routine called 2-D Wavelet
Packet Analysis (2-D WPA) which quantifies the global fractal
dimension, and provides a unique index of fungal branching
morphology. The 2-D WPA is superior to alternative analytical methods
since it estimates scaling in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal
directions at multiple spatial resolutions by mapping pixel points
onto wavelet coefficients. The logarithmic decay of wavelet packet
coefficient energy versus position provides an unbiased estimate of
fractal scaling. Full source code is provided in the S-Plus
statistical programming language. The fungus Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
secretes the phenol-oxidase exo-enzyme, laccase which is of use
industrially for the bleaching of recycled paper/Kraft pulps and in
other areas which use peroxidase chemistry. The fractal dimension was
enumerated on basal Newspaper Only media and on media supplemented
with the paramorphogen, Cellobiose. This compound caused profuse
hyphal branching and a reduction in radial expansion. These changes in
morphology were accompanied by an exponential increase in the
expression of laccase into the extracellular medium in liquid
culture. Hypersecretion was stimulated approx. 7070% over the control
at 5 days. This study shows that the fractal dimension is a useful
indicator of future enzyme yield and demonstrates a strong correlation
between spatial pattern phenomena and physiological function.

# To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This 2-D wavelet packet method was performed
using the S-Plus object-oriented programming language in conjunction
with the S+Wavelets module. Full source code is provided, and full
instructions for use are detailed in this preprint. Seven (7)
individual programs are provided to handle binary or grey-scale images
of the following pixel dimensions: 64x64, 128x128, 192x192, 256x256,
384x384, 300x200, 512x512.

REFERENCE: Jones, C.L.(1996). Wavelet Packet Fractal Analysis -
Software Operating Instructions.


Cameron L. Jones (Research Fellow) Centre for Applied Colloid and
BioColloid Science Swinburne University of Technology School of
Chemical Sciences P.O. Box 218 Hawthorn Victoria, 3122 AUSTRALIA
Tel: +613 9214 8935 Fax: +613 9819 0834 Email:
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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