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Software: New version (1.2) of WaveLib (C and Matlab)
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Mikael Bourges-Sevenier (

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 9:53 am    
Subject: Software: New version (1.2) of WaveLib (C and Matlab)
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Software: New version (1.2) of WaveLib (C and Matlab)

Dear Waveleters,

Hi! Here is an announcement about a new version of WaveLib a C and
Matlab library of wavelets functions. The current version is 1.2.

The development of WaveLib started on an original idea motivated by
this: there exists lots of people using wavelets and lots of new users
to come. As a rapidly growing theory, its applications grow even
faster. For a newcomer, it's even more harder to start, especially if
he has to develop what others have already done. Therefore, I tried to
develop a library summarising basic concepts of wavelets' theory as
well as particular code for specialized applications.

The aim of WaveLib is to provide an as easy as possible C portable
code to use. Then, I tried to program an object-oriented environment
on pure C code. For the moment, no particular machine-dependent code
have been implemented. Therefore, it has been compiled and tested 'as
is' with Borland C, Microsoft C, MS-Visual C on PC, with gcc on Sun
and cc on SGI's Irix 5.3. Note that all the visual stuff is done by
Matlab but if you have an GUI interface working, come and contribute
to WaveLib.

This library includes a powerful C matrix/vector lib that enables almost
all basic Matlab functions with real or complex numbers:
- basic operations +,-,*,/
- left and right division
- squared systems linear solver
- least square solver
- fft, ifft
- complex mode standard functions
- statistical functions: standard deviation, covariance matrix
- complex eigenvalues and eigenvectors, roots of polynomials ...
- and many more

There is also an interface with Matlab 4.x as to display the decomposed
signal's time/frequency plane and cost tree when used in wavelet packet
transform mode.

Currently, the wavelet parts includes:
- generate Daubechies, Coiflets, Biorthogonal and Pseudo-coiflets
- generate associated scaling and wavelet functions,
- perform Fast Wavelet Transform (FWT) in 1D and 2D signals,
- perform Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) in 1D and 2D signals
with various additive cost functions:
- Shanon-Wiever entropy,
- Thresholding,
- Log of energy,
- Concentration in l^P norm.

Different WPT methods are available: Wavelet basis, Best Level,
Best Basis.
- there is also some numerical analysis experiments:
- Galerkin-wavelet method, Beylkin's decomposition ...
- some still image compression algorithms:
- single and double quad-tree (rate-distorsion algo)
- DPCM, RLE encoding, ...

WaveLib comes with a technical documentation in english and a french
(sorry) report which leads to it. It is availabe at

We require some informations about you (name, email, applications
interest) in order to keep you informed of the next release.

If you want to contribute to WaveLib, you are welcome!
Send your code (C, C++, Matlab, Fortran - but I prefer C or C++) and
comments/bugs report on it to

WaveLib provides lots of different algorithms from various searchers.
Some of them could be improved. Consequently, by putting the soft in
Public Domain, we do hope you'll have better algos we will include in the
next release of the lib with your copyright if any.

This is just a beginnnig and we do hope to improve the lib, to add new
tools, to provide more applications on many plateforms. The next release
fo WaveLib should version 2.0 and completely rewritten in C++. Until now,
there is no schedule for this release (it takes time to rewrite all!).

Finally, I would like to thanks all the wavelet pages on the web that
points to WaveLib page and thanks the interested users on WaveLib (nearly

Best regards,

INT dept SIM |
9 rue Charles Fourier | ------------------------------------
91011 EVRY | Phone: +33
FRANCE | Fax : +33
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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