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Software: Wavelet Toolbox for Matlab (version 3.0)
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Author Message (Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic )

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 9:53 am    
Subject: Software: Wavelet Toolbox for Matlab (version 3.0)
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Software: Wavelet Toolbox for Matlab (version 3.0)

-:-:-:-:- Uvi_Wave version 3.0 -:-:-:-:-


I am pleased to announce you the release of Uvi_Wave version 3.0. It is
available by anonymous ftp at the following sites:
(directory: pub/Uvi_Wave/matlab/)

Main features of this new version of Uvi_Wave are the two-dimensional
wavelet packet transform, new filter families, regularity estimates,
and subband management and viewing utilities for 1D/2D wavelet packets.

A short description of the tools available in Uvi_Wave, remarking the
new functions included in this version (*), is presented below.
Moreover, several functions, marked with (+), have been modified,
bug corrected or its name has been changed.

- Wavelet Transform.

wt - One dimensional Wavelet Transform
iwt - Inverse one dimensional Wavelet Transform
wt2d - Two dimensional Wavelet Transform
iwt2d - Inverse two dimensional Wavelet Transform
wtmethod - Wavelet subband alignment method selection
* format2d - Script about the output format for 2D wavelet

- Multiresolution Analysis.
+ nssffb - Non sub-sampled wavelet FIR filter bank
* inssffb - Inverse non sub-sampled wavelet FIR filter bank
+ nss2d - 2D non sub-sampled wavelet FIR filter bank
* inss2d - Inverse 2D non sub-sampled wavelet FIR filter bank
aprox - One dimensional multiresolution approximation signal
detail - One dimensional multiresolution detail signal
multires - Full one dimensional multiresolution analysis
mres2d - 2D multiresolution approximation/detail image
+ wavelet - Wavelet and scale functions calculation

- Filter Generation.
wspline - Spline biorthogonal filters generation
daub - Daubechies orthogonal filters generation
* maxflat - Maximally flat orthogonal filters
* symlets - Least-asymmetric Daubechies orthogonal filters
* lemarie - Battle-Lemarie orthogonal filters
* remezflt - Remez orthogonal wavelet filters generation

- Regularity estimation functions.
* tempreg - Holder regularity index based on a time approach
* specreg - Regularity estimate based on the spectrum
* regdaub - Holder regularity estimate for Daubechies' filters

- Subband Processing Utilities.
+ bandsite - Wavelet subband localization
+ bandext - Wavelet subband extraction
+ bandins - Wavelet subband insertion
+ bandmax - Wavelet subband maxima extraction
elmin - Wavelet transform minima deletion
localext - Wavelet transform local limits extraction
center - Wavelet subband alignment calculation
wtcenter - Wavelet subband methodical alignment calculation
wvltsize - Wavelet transform size calculation
maxrsize - Inverse wavelet transform size calculation
* siteband - Wavelet Packet subband localization
* extband - Wavelet Packet subband extraction
* insband - Wavelet Packet subband insertion

- Scalogram.
morletw - Morlet Wavelet calculation
scalog - Scalogram calculation
srf - 3D representation of a surface

- Wavelet Packet Transform.
+ wpk - Direct Wavelet Packet Transform
+ iwpk - Inverse Wavelet Packet Transform
* wavepack - Wavelet Packet functions calculation
* wpk2d - Direct Two Dimensional Wavelet Packet Transform
* iwpk2d - Inverse 2D Wavelet Packet Transform
pruneadd - Tree pruning algorithm for additive costs
prunenon - Pruning algorithm for non-additive costs
growadd - Tree growth algorithm for additive costs
grownon - Growth algorithm for non-additive costs
* prune2d - Quadtree pruning algorithm for additive costs
lpenerg - Energy with l^p norm
+ shanent - Shannon entropy of the coefficients
+ logenerg - 'Log energy' functional
cwent - Coifman-Wickerhauser entropy of the coefficients
weaklp - Weak l^p norm
cmparea - Compression area with squared coefficients
cmpnum - Compression number

- Wavelet Packet Utilities.
chformat - Changes the format of basis and/or reorder the coefficients
coefext - Extracts the coefficients corresponding to a certain basis
* band2idx - Level and node in the tree for each basis vector element
+ basis - Script about the basis formats

- Viewing Utilities.
show - 2D image viewing with brightening scaling
+ bandadj - 2D wavelet transform subband bright normalization
nrm - Specific normalization process for bandadj
split - Multi-plot matrix splitting
isplit - One dimensional wavelet transform subband split
discplot - Discrete-style one dimensional plot
* tfplot - Time-frequency plane tiling of 1D transforms
* tree - Decomposition tree for 1D wavelet or wavelet packet
* band2d - Subband partition for 2D transforms

- Demo programs.
genimg - Generation of a set of 11 different test images
wtdemo - Menu for all the available demos
wt___dmo - Demo on some 1D wavelet transform capabilities
wt2d_dmo - Menu for 2D wavelet transform demos
wvt2ddmo - Demo on some 2D wavelet capabilities
* fmt2ddmo - Demo on the output format for 2D wavelet transform
mrs__dmo - Demo on 1D / 2D multiresolution analysis
* flds_dmo - Menu for filter design demos
* flt_dmo.m - Submenu for the available filter families
* daub_dmo - Demo on orthogonal Daubechies' filters generation
* wspl_dmo - Demo on biorthogonal spline wavelets
* syml_dmo - Demo on 'Symlet' filters
* flat_dmo - Demo on maximally flat wavelet filters
* btlmrdmo - Demo on Battle-Lemarie filters
* remezdmo - Demo on Remez wavelet filters
* reg__dmo - Demo on regularity estimates
scaldmo - Demo of the scalogram
wpkdmo - Menu for 1D wavelet packet transform demos
* formatdm - Demo on the formats of the wavelet packet basis
wp_dmo - Demo on some 1D wavelet packet transform capabilities
basisdmo - Demo on 1D tree search algorithms
* wpk2ddmo - Menu for 2D wavelet packet transform demos
* wp2d_dmo - Demo on some 2D WP transform capabilities
* bas2ddmo - Demo on Coifman-Wickerhauser basis selection algorithm for 2D
gnimgdmo - Shows images generated by genimg

Comments, suggestions and bug reports will be greatly appreciated. The e-mail
address for any question or comment is :

Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic

E.T.S.I. Telecomunicacion Departamento de Tecnologias de las
Universidad de Vigo 36200-Vigo SPAIN
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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