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Volume 5, Issue 1 (January 31, 1996)
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Wim Sweldens (

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 4:15 pm    
Subject: Volume 5, Issue 1 (January 31, 1996)
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Today's Editor: Wim Sweldens
AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill

Today's Topics:

1. CFP: Special issue of the IEICE of Japan Journal on wavelets
2. Preprint: A wavelet analysis for stationary processes
3. Preprint: Multiple Shrinkage and Subset Selection in Wavelets
4. Preprint: On A Family of Filters Arising in Wavelet construction
5. Preprint: Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes and Wavelets
6. Preprint: Compression in computational electromagnetics using wavelets
7. Preprint: Preprints on wavelet-related research from Aware, Inc.
8. Preprint: The Wavelet Detection for the Jump Points of
9. Preprint: Papers from Wolfgang Dahmen and co-workers
10. Preprint: Two papers on wavelets and denoising
11. Preprint: Two papres on multi-wavelets from Strela
12. Meeting: Wavelets at 4th Internat. Congress on Sound and Vibration
13. Meeting: IEEE Workshop on Neural Nets for Signal Processing
14. Course: Wavelet courses at ANSI (Sabaudia, Italy)
15. Meeting: Workshop on intelligent methods in signal processing
16. Job: Position at Northern Illinois University
17. Job: Research Assistants at the National University of Singapore
18. Website: A new wavelet WWW page: Mac A. Cody Associates
19. Contents: JAT Table of Contents, Oct,Nov,Dec
20. Contents: Constructive Approximation Vol 11 nr 4
21. Contents: JAT Vol. 84, No. 1, Jan. 96
22. Contents: Advances in Computational Mathematics - Contents
23. Answer: Fractional Brownian Noise (WD 4.11 #17)
24. Answer: Fractional Brownian Motion (WD 4.11 #17)
25. Answer: Help needed in Multiwavelet Transforms (WD 4.12 #19)
26. Question: Haar wavelets and Fractals
27. Question: Transient Detection using Wavelets
28. Question: request for wavelet tools for electric power system archives
29. Question: To musical wavelet researchers
30. Question: fingerprints processing using Wavelets.
31. Question: Repository of Wavelet Filters
32. Question: wavelet transform in speech
33. Question: Wavelets and EEG analysis
34. Question: Wavelets and geological sequences
35. Question: Wavelets for frequency analysis of EMG data

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Calendar of events:

*Apr 22-27: Wavelet courses at ANSI, Sabaudia, Italy
Apr 29-May 3: 1/f Long Range Dependent Processes, Les Houces, Fr.
Jun 10-14: Recent Advances in PDE's and applications, Venice, It
Jun 18-21: IEEE Symp. Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis, Paris
*Jun 24-26: Workshop on intelligent methods in signal proc., Spain
*Jun 24-27: Internat. Congress Sound-Vibration, St. Petersburg
Jun 26-28: Time-frequency methods for economics & finance, Geneva
Aug 4-9: SPIE, Wavelet applications, Denver
Aug 4-9: SPIE, Image compression, Denver
Sep 1-4: IEEE DSP Workshop, Loen, Norway
*Sep 4-6: IEEE Workshop Neural Nets for Signal Proc., Kyoto
Oct 9-11: Second SIAM Conference on Sparse Matrices, Philadelph.
Dec 17-19: Mathematics in signal processing, Warwick, UK
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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