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Software: The Imager Wavelet Library -- Release 2.1
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2002 9:34 am    
Subject: Software: The Imager Wavelet Library -- Release 2.1
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Software: The Imager Wavelet Library -- Release 2.1

I am putting in the public domain Release 2.1 of "wvlt", the Imager
Wavelet Library. This is a small library of wavelet-related functions
in C that perform forward and inverse transforms and refinement.
Support for 15 popular wavelet bases is included, and it's easy to add

The package also includes source for three shell-level programs to do
wavelet stuff on ASCII files and PPM images. There are also some demo
scripts. (The demos require "gnuplot" and "perl" to be installed on
your system.) The code has been compiled and tested under various
UNIX flavors (AIX, SunOS, IRIX, and HP-UX), DOS, and (partially)
Macintosh and should port to other systems with few problems.

If you already have earlier releases, there are major improvements
between 2.1 and 1.x, but if you already have 2.0, the only difference
between it and 2.1 is support for SunOS 5 (aka Solaris).

The UNIX version of the package is available as a shell archive ("shar"
file). The DOS version (which includes executables) is available as a
"zipped" file.

Both versions can be accessed either by the World Wide Web via the
"Wavelets at Imager" page

or, more permanently, via the "Wavelets at Imager" link in the Imager
Home Page:

or by ftp:

directory: /pub/local/bobl/wvlt
file: /pub/local/bobl/wvlt/wvlt_r2_1.shar (UNIX) or /pub/local/bobl/wvlt/wvltr21.zipzip (DOS)

(There is also a link to this page from the Wavelet Digest WWW pages.)

Future releases are under development and will include improved
performance and increased functionality. They will be available by
the same mechanisms.

I produced this package and hereby release it to the public domain.
Neither I nor the University of British Columbia will be held
responsible for its use, misuse, abuse, or any damages arising from
same. Any comments regarding this package may, nevertheless, be sent

- Bob Lewis
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