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Contents: Numerical Algorithms, Volume 8, No. 1 - 4, 1994.
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Author Message (Baltzer Science Publishers)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:38 pm    
Subject: Contents: Numerical Algorithms, Volume 8, No. 1 - 4, 1994.
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Contents: Numerical Algorithms, Volume 8, No. 1 - 4, 1994.

Contents Vol. 8, No. 1, 1994
pp 1-25: Factorizations and construction of linear phase paraunitary filter
banks and higher multiplicity wavelets.
R. Turcajova
pp 27-45: Shift products and factorizations of wavelet matrices.
R. Turcajova and J. Kautsky
pp 47-81: A hierarchically consistent, iterative sequence transformation.
H.H.H. Homeier
pp 83-101: DQAINF: an algorithm for automatic integration of infinite
oscillating tails.
T.O. Espelid and K.J. Overholt
pp 103-109: Multivariate polynomial interpolation under projectivities III:
Remainder formulas.
G. Muelbach and M. Gasca
pp 111-129: Finite element methods on piecewise equidistant meshes for
interior turning point problems.
G. Sun and M. Stynes
pp 131-134: The fundamentality of translates of a continuous function on
X. Sun
pp 135-146: Linear best approximation using a class of k-major lp norms.
G.A. Watson
p 147: Book review

Contents Vol. 8, No. II-IV, 1994
pp 149-166: Approximating scattered data with discontinuities.
E. Arge and M. Floater
pp 167-184: Cyclic reduction and FACR methods for piecewise Hermite bicubic
orthogonal spline collocation.
B. Bialecki
pp 185-199: Numerical solution of positive control problem via linear
B.G Zaslavsky and A. Moskvin
pp 201-220: DECUHR: an algorithm for automatic integration of singular
functions over a hyperrectangular region.
T.O. Espelid and A. Genz
pp 221-239: A multiprojection algorithm using Bregman projections in a
product space.
Y. Censor and T. Elfving
pp 241-268: Estimates in quadratic formulas.
G.H. Golub and Z. Strakos
pp 269-291: An algorithm for the generalized symmetric tridiagonal
eigenvalue problem.
K. Li, T-Y. Li and Z. Zeng
pp 293-312: Parallelism across the steps in iterated Runge-Kutta methods
for stiff initial value problems.
P.J. van der Houwen, B.P. Sommeijer and W.A. van der Veen
pp 313-328: Two-point Pade approximants for formal Stieljes series.
S. Tokarzewski, J. Blawzdziewicz and I. Andrianov
pp 329-346: Additive Schwarz domain decomposition methods for elliptic
problems on unstructured meshes.
T.F. Chan and J. Zou
pp 347-362: Fast parallel solution of the Poisson equation on irregular domains.
D. Lee
pp 363-366: Book reviews.
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