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Meeting: Acoustic and electromagnetic wavelets, sonar and radar
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Author Message (Steve Kay)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:31 pm    
Subject: Meeting: Acoustic and electromagnetic wavelets, sonar and radar
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Meeting: Acoustic and electromagnetic wavelets, sonar and radar



TIME: January 17-19, 1995, 8:30-4PM.

PLACE: Holiday Inn, Silver Spring, MD.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gerald Kaiser, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell.


1. Continuous and Discrete Time-Frequency Analysis. The windowed
Fourier transform and its inverse. Exact reconstruction from time-
frequency samples. Gabor frames. Examples.

2. Continuous and Discrete Time-Scale Analysis. The integral wavelet
transform and its inverse. Exact reconstruction from time-scale
samples. Wavelet frames. Advantage over time-frequency analysis:
Scale-commensurate sampling rates. Examples.

3. Multiresolution Analysis in One and Two Dimensions. Subband
filtering algorithms. Recursive decomposition and reconstruction of
time signals and images. Construction of scaling functions and wavelets.

4. Daubechies' Orthonormal Wavelet Bases. Construction of FIR filters.
Zero moments, smoothness and signal compression. Recursive
computation of wavelets. Examples.

5. Acoustic and Electromagnetic Wavelets. Fourier (plane-wave)
solutions of the wave equation and Maxwell's equations. The analytic-
signal transform. Wavelet solutions. Composition of arbitrary waves from
wavelets. Phase-space interpretation of acoustic and electromagnetic

6. Applications to Sonar and Radar. The Doppler effect as a time
dilation. Narrow-band and wideband ambiguity functions. The
acoustic and electromagnetic wavelet transforms of echos as
generalized wideband cross-ambiguity functions. Target distributions
in space, scale and velocity. Detecting accelerations.

The textbook will be A FRIENDLY GUIDE TO WAVELETS by G. Kaiser
(Birkhauser, 1994). This book is an outgrowth of lecture notes for
courses the author has taught to engineering students and industry
specialists over the past five years. The last three chapters consist
of research material with applications to radar and sonar.

For more information, please call or fax the Applied Technology
Institute. PHONE: 410-531-6034, FAX: 410-531-1013.
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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