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Contents: The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
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John J. Benedetto, University of Maryland

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:27 pm    
Subject: Contents: The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
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Contents: The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first issue has just appeared.

CONTENTS: Survey Article -- Self-similarity in harmonic analysis
by Robert Strichartz
Research Articles --
Frequency-domain bounds for nonnegative, unsharply bandlimited functions
by A.J.E.M. Janssen
Aliasing and Poisson summation in the sampling theory of Paley-Wiener spaces
by M.G. Beatty and J.R. Higgins
Generalized Rudin-Shapiro systems
by George Benke
Orthogonal trigonometric Schauder bases of optimal degree for C(K)
by R.A. Lorenz and A.A. Sahakian

Institutional Personal
In the U.S.A. and Canada $195 $80
All other countries $227 $112

John J. Benedetto, U. of Maryland, College Park
Carlos A.Berenstein, U. of Maryland, College Park
Eugene B. Fabes, U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Gerald B. Folland, U. of Washington, Seattle
Luis A. Caffarelli, Institute for Advanced Study
Ronald R. Coifman, Yale University
Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University
Charles Fefferman, Princeton University
Herbert Hauptman, Nobel Laureate, Medical Foundation of Buffalo
Tom Korner, Cambridge University
Henry J. Landau, AT&T Bell Labs
Guido Weiss, Washington University, St. Louis
Aline Bonami, Universite' de Paris-Sud
Gavin Brown, University of Adelaide, Australia
Paul L. Butzer, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Sun-Yung Alice Chang, U. of California at Los Angeles
Albert Cohen, Universite' de Paris Dauphine, France
Marie Farge, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
Robert Fefferman, University of Chicago
Hans G. Feichtinger, University of Vienna, Austria
Michael W. Frazier, Michigan State University
J. William Helton, U. of California at San Diego
Stephane Jaffard, CERMA, ENPC, France
A.J.E.M. Janssen, Philips Research Labs, The Netherlands
Bjorn Jawerth, U. of S. Carolina, Columbia
Carlos Kenig, University of Chicago
Stephane Mallat, Courant Institute, New York
James McClellan, Georgia Inst. of Tech
Frank Natterer, U. of Muenster, Germany
Andrew M. Odlyzko, AT&T Bell Labs
Eric Todd Quinto, Tufts University
Fulvio Ricci,Politechnico Torino, Italy
Robert S. Strichartz, Dept. of Mathematics, Cornell University
Martin Vetterli, U. of California at Berkeley
M. Victor Wickerhauser, Washington University, St. Louis
Joshua Zeevi, Technion, Israel

The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

The following should be sent: 3 copies of the manuscript,
an Abstract of less than 250 words, a list of key words, and
Math. Reviews Classification Numbers. The final version of the
manuscript must be in some form of TEX.


The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications will publish results in
Fourier analysis, as well as applicable mathematics having a significant
Fourier analytic component. Appropriate manuscripts at the highest research
level will be accepted for publication. Because of the extensive, intricate,
and fundamental relationships between Fourier analysis and so many other
subjects, select and readable surveys will be published in each issue. These
surveys will include historical articles, research tutorials, and expositions
of specific topics.

The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications will provide a
perspective and means for centralizing and disseminating new information
from the vantage point of Fourier analysis. The breadth of Fourier analysis
and diversity of its applicability require that each paper should contain a
clear and motivated introduction, which is accessible to all of our readers.

Applications include the following topics -

Antenna theory Optics Stochastic processes
Coding theory Partial differential Time-frequency analysis
Crystallography equations Time series
Fast algorithms Potential theory Tomography
Gabor theory and Prediction theory Turbulence
applications Radar applications Uncertainty principles
Image processing Sampling theory Waveletpackets
Mathematics of material Spectral estimation Wavelet theory and
behavior Speech processing applications
Number theory

Note from the editor: This message was sent to the Wavelet Digest
already on August 23rd. Because of a mistake of mine, it only appears now.
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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