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Contents: JAT Vol. 78, No. 3, Vol. 79, No. 1-2.
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Marilyn Radcliff (

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:25 pm    
Subject: Contents: JAT Vol. 78, No. 3, Vol. 79, No. 1-2.
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Contents: JAT Vol. 78, No. 3, Vol. 79, No. 1-2.

Journal of Approximation Theory, Volume 78, Number 3, September 1994

Jo~ao B. Prolla. On the Weierstrass-Stone theorem, 299-313.

You Zhao-Yong and Guo Tie-Xin. Pointwise best approximation in the space
of strongly measurable functions with applications to best approximation
in $L^p(u,X)$, 314-320.

Detlef H. Mache. Equivalence theorem on weighted simultaneous
$L_p$--approximation by the method of Kantoroviv c operators, 321-350.

Jean-Claude Evard and Farhad Jafari. Direct computation of the simultaneous
Stone-Weierstrass approximation of a function and its partial derivatives
in Banach spaces, and combination with Hermite interpolation, 351-363.

Amos Ron. Negative observations concerning approximations from spaces
generated by scattered shifts of functions vanishing at $infty$, 364-372.

Jeffrey S. Geronimo, Douglas P. Hardin, and Peter R. Massopust. Fractal
functions and wavelet expansions based on several scaling functions, 373-401.

Boris Paneah. On a lower bound for the absolute value of a polynomial of
several complex variables, 402-409.

M. X. He and E. B. Saff. The zeros of Faber polynomials for an $m$-cusped
hypocycloid, 410-432.

M. G. Beaty, M. M. Dodson, and J. R. Higgins. Approximating Paley-Wiener
functions by smoothed step functions, 433-445.

Andr'as Kro'o and J'ozsef Szabados. M"untz-type problems for Bernstein
polynomials, 446-457.

Book Reviews, 458-469.

Journal of Approximation Theory, Volume 79, Number 1, October 1994

Jonathan M. Borwein, Adrian J. Lewis, and Mark A. Limber. Entropy
Minimization with Lattice Bounds, 1-16.

Gisela Kurth, Stephan Ruscheweyh, and Luis C. Salinas. On Cyclic
Variation-Diminishing Transforms, 17-39.

L. Szili. On A.E. Convergence of Durrmeyer-Stieltjes Polynomials, 40-53.

X. Li and K. Pan. Asymptotic Behavior of Orthogonal Polynomials
Correspondingto Measure with Discrete Part off the Unit Circle, 54-71.

James D. Chandler, Jr. Rational Moment Problems for Compact Sets, 72-88.

Martin Hanke and Heinz W. Engl. An Optimal Stopping Rule for the $
for Solving Ill-Posed Problems, Using Christoffel Functions, 89-108.

J. G. Clunie and A. B. J. Kuijlaars. Approximation by Polynomials
with Restricted Zeros, 109-124.

Allal Guessab. Some Weighted Polynomial Inequalities in $L^2$-Norm, 125-133.

Yu. I. Lyubich. Averaging Sets on the Unit Circle, 134-143.

J. Korevaar and J. L. H. Meyers. Chebyshev-Type Quadrature on
Multidimensional Domains, 144-164.


Z. Ditzian. Direct Estimate for Bernstein Polynomials, 165-166.


Volume 67, Number 2 (1991): S. D. Fisher and M. I. Stessin, "The $n$-Width
of the Unit Ball of $H^q$," pp. 347-346, 167-168.

Journal of Approximation Theory, Volume 79, Number 2, November 1994

A. B. Khodulev. On $epsilon$-Entropy of Sobolev and Nikol$'$skiui
Classes in Uniform Metrics on Arbitrary Compacts, 169-179.

A. Bhatt and A. Ojha. Variation Diminishing Properties of Bernstein
Polynomials on Tetrahedron, 180-189.

Mirosl aw Baran. Bernstein Type Theorems for Compact Sets in ${f R}^n$
Revisited, 190-198.

Eitan Lapidot. On Singular Generalized Absolutely Monotone Functions, 199-221.

B. J. C. Baxter. Norm Estimates for Inverses of Toeplitz Distance Matrices,

M. S. Lambrou and W. E. Longstaff. Some Counterexamples Concerning Strong
$M$-Bases of Banach Spaces, 243-259.

Christopher J. Bose. On the Existence and Approximation of Invariant
Densities for Nonsingular Transformations on $BBJ R^d$, 260-270.

Dang Vu Giang and Ferenc M'oricz. Strong Approximation by Dirichlet
Integrals in $L^lambda({f R})$-norm, $1 < lambda < infty$, 271-286.

Robert Schaback. Lower Bounds for Norms of Inverses of Interpolation
Matrices for Radial Basis Functions, 287-306.


Friedhelm Schwenker and Laura Martignon. Nondegeneracy, Relative
Differentiability, and Integral Representation of Weak Markov systems, 307-310.
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