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Software: Tsunami Plus Wavelet Software (Version 1.0)
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:19 pm    
Subject: Software: Tsunami Plus Wavelet Software (Version 1.0)
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Software: Tsunami Plus Wavelet Software (Version 1.0)

Mac A. Cody Associates has developed Tsunami Plus 1.0, a li-
brary of Wavelet transform routines and support functions. The
library contains routines to perform one- and two-dimensional
Discrete Wavelet and Wavelet Packet transforms. While most of
the transforms are designed to work with buffered data, "sliding"
transforms are also provided for sampled-data processing. The
routines will work with either single- or double-precision float-
ing point data. In addition, the library contains support rou-
tines for the management and display of transform data and the
design and verification of wavelet filters used by the trans-
forms. The routines of the library are used in demonstration
programs which are provided with the library.

As mentioned above, the one-dimensional wavelet transform rou-
tines are divided into two groups: buffered-data processing and
sampled-data processing. The buffered-data processing routines
can be further divided into those which assume that the buffered
data represents periodic or aperiodic scope (that is, the ends of
the buffer do or do not wrap around, respectively). Advantages
exist for both approaches to transforming the data. The "sliding"
transform is designed to work with open-ended data sets and real-
time applications. The transform coefficients are generated at
each level as new input data becomes available. This allows the
user to study new coefficient values at each level as soon as
they become available.

The Wavelet Packet transform routines are general forms of the
corresponding Wavelet transform routines. They give the user
flexibility in optimizing between scale and time resolution over
the entire frequency range of the data. This flexibility is
gained at the cost of increase processing time.

The two-dimensional Wavelet and Wavelet Packet transforms are
designed for general processing of matrix data, not just image
data. They are optimized to conserve memory usage while still
providing good processing performance. The two-dimensional rou-
tines assume that the data is periodic in scope in both the hor-
izontal and vertical dimensions.

Transform coefficient data and wavelet packet disjoint covers
are managed via structures created dynamically off of the heap.
The routines provide robust heap access. Insufficient heap space
causes the current structure construction to abort gracefully,
returning the acquired memory back to the heap and signaling an
error. Routines to manage the node settings of the disjoint
covers are also provided.

The wavelet transform routines described above are not of much
use if there are no wavelet filters to use with them. To satisfy
this need, a set of routines are provided generate orthogonal
wavelet filter coefficients. The routines implement a new para-
meterization algorithm, developed by E. Kurt TeKolste, which is
similar in concept to the parameterization method of Tewfik. The
TeKolste algorithm can generate the Daubechies wavelets and other
orthogonal wavelets. There is no limitations to the length of
the filters that can be generated beyond that set by the number
of parameterization angles and the floating point precision.

Routines are provided to tests arbitrary sets of wavelet filter
coefficients and TeKolste parameter values for compliance to
orthogonal wavelet definitions. Wavelet filter parameter sets
can be converted between TeKolste format and Pollen (alpha, beta)
format. In addition, an implementation of Ingrid Daubechies'
"cascade" algorithm is provided. This algorithm constructs the
recursively-defined scaling and wavelet functions from the wave-
let filter coefficients.

The graphics routines allow the display of menus to control the
configuration and operation of the transforms and their support
routines. The menu routines favor event driven programming and
use data structures for easy definition, initialization, and con-
trol. Graphics routines are provided to draw characters, rec-
tangles, data blocks, waveforms, and scaleograms on the screen.
In addition, routines for drawing and extracting rows of image
data are provided.

The transform routines and most of the support functions and
demo programs in Tsunami Plus are written entirely in Standard 'C'
and can be easily ported to other platforms. The graphics display
functions make use of 80286 in-line assembly language code for
efficiency. The graphics routines allow the user to quickly de-
velop real-mode DOS applications with the VESA VBE graphics stan-

Tsunami Plus 1.0 is shipped as C source code modules. The de-
monstration programs are shipped with 80X86 DOS executables as
well as source code. Compilers directly supported are Borland
Turbo C 2.0 Professional and Borland C++ 4.0 (Microsoft C is sup-
ported through macro definitions). Documentation for the library
routines, the demo programs, and tutorial materials are also pro-
vided. The library is delivered on a 1.44 Mb IBM-format, 3.5"

Tsunami Plus 1.0 comes with a no-nonsense, single-user license.
The library may be used to generate applications that may be
distributed free of royalties.

The formal release date for Tsunami Plus 1.0 is 15 September,
1994. At that time, the library will sell for US$499.00 plus
US$10.00 shipping and handling in the US and Canada (US$20.00
elsewhere). If you would like to reserve a copy prior to the
formal release date, you will receive a discount of US$50.00 on
the price of the package. To reserve your copy of Tsunami Plus,
please send US$449.00 plus shipping and handling as described
above. Note: please remit payment in US funds. Sorry, credit
card orders cannot be accepted at this time.

For additional information or to reserve your copy, contact:

Mac A. Cody Associates
1113 Abrams Rd. #140
Richardson, TX 75081-5512
All times are GMT + 1 Hour
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