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Preprint: Introductory article on the wavelet packet transform
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Mac A. Cody (

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:55 pm    
Subject: Preprint: Introductory article on the wavelet packet transform
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Preprint: Introductory article on the wavelet packet transform

"The Wavelet Packet Transform" by Mac A. Cody will appear in
the April, 1994 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal (DDJ) magazine
(Miller Freeman, Inc.; ISSN 1044-789X). This article is a more
"accessible" treatment of the topic as compared to most preprints
and transaction papers. It is the third in a series that has
been published in this magazine by the author ("The Fast Wavelet
Transform", DDJ April, 1992 and "A Wavelet Analyzer", DDJ April,
1993). As with the previous articles, theory has been minimized
in favor of the practical aspects of how the transform works and
its implementation.

The wavelet packet transform is approached by building from its
roots in the fast wavelet transform. The transform's structure
is based upon a binary tree; each node representing the applica-
tion of a decimating, quadriture mirror filter (QMF) pair to a
signal. Different wavelet packet bases can be created by selec-
tively "pruning" the binary tree. The pruning also generates
unique partitioning of the original signal bandwidth into a dis-
joint cover of frequency subbands. The wavelet packet transform
is, in effect, an arbitrary adaptive tree-structured filter bank.

ANSI C implementations of the wavelet packet transform, the
inverse transform, and supporting data structures are presented
and explained. An IBM PC program that demonstrates the operation
of the wavelet packet transform has been written by the author.
The program is available through Dr. Dobb's Journal via
annonymous ftp from site ( in the /pub/ddj
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