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New book on multi-scale representation of image data:
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:32 am    
Subject: New book on multi-scale representation of image data:
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New book on multi-scale representation of image data:


by Tony Lindeberg,

Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm, Sweden


We perceive objects in the world as having structures both at coarse
and fine scales. A tree, for instance, may appear as having a roughly
round or cylindrical shape when seen from a distance, even though it
is built up from a large number of branches. At a closer look,
individual leaves become visible, and we can observe that they in turn
have texture at an even finer scale. This fact, that objects in the
world appear in different ways depending upon the scale of observation,
has important implications when analysing measured data, such as
images, with automatic methods.

"Scale-Space Theory in Computer Vision" describes a formal framework,
called scale-space representation, for handling the notion of scale
in image data. It gives an introduction to the general foundations of
the theory and shows how it applies to essential problems in computer
vision such as computation of image features and cues to surface
shape. The subjects range from the mathematical underpinning to
practical computational techniques. The power of the methodology is
illustrated by a rich set of examples.

This work is the first monograph on scale-space theory. It is intended
as an introduction, reference, and inspiration for researchers,
students, and system designers in computer vision as well as related
fields such as image processing, photogrammetry, medical image analysis,
and signal processing in general.


Foreword by Jan Koenderink
1 Introduction and overview
2 Linear scale-space and related multi-scale representations
3 Scale-space for 1-D discrete signals
4 Scale-space for N-D discrete signals
5 Discrete derivative approximations with scale-space properties
6 Feature detection in scale-space
7 The scale-space primal sketch
8 Behaviour of image structures in scale-space: Deep structure
9 Algorithm for computing the scale-space primal sketch
10 Detecting salient blob-like image structures and their scales
11 Guiding early visual processing with qualitative scale and
region information
12 Summary and discussion
13 Scale selection for differential operators
14 Direct computation of shape cues by scale-space operations
15 Non-uniform smoothing
Appendix, Bibliography, Index
435 pages, ISBN 0-7923-9418-6, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994.

The complete table of contents, foreword, preface, and abstract are
available by anonymous ftp from (

Name: anonymous
Password: <email address>

ftp>cd ftp/Kluwer/books
ftp>get scale_space

The list price has been set to Dfl 275.00 (USD 130). For ordering
information, see the file at the ftp site or contact Mike Casey at
Kluwer Academic Publishers ( / PO Box 17, NL-3300 AA
Dordrecht, Netherlands). He is offering a prepublication discount
until March 31, 1994.
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