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Wavelet DeNoising Scripts Available
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Author Message (wavelab)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:42 pm    
Subject: Wavelet DeNoising Scripts Available
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Wavelet DeNoising Scripts Available

Wavelet DeNoising Scripts Available

In response to numerous requests, we are now making available a software
library containing scripts which will reproduce exactly the figures in four of
our recent articles on Wavelet-based DeNoising. The library is available by
anonymous FTP. It consists of a little more than 400 MATLAB scripts, M-files,
MEX-files, datasets, self-running demonstrations, and on-line documentation.
The library is called TeachWave, and consists of routines for basic wavelet,
wavelet-packet, cosine-packet, and matching-pursuit analysis of 1-d signals and
2-d images. We have used this library in teaching courses at Stanford and
Berkeley; we think that the study of these scripts is a good way for some
students to get quickly into the wavelets field. The total disk storage
required for TeachWave is a little over 2 megabytes when all the datasets are
obtained. The software is copylefted, GNU-Style.

Jeffrey Scargle of NASA-Ames is leading a team of researchers supported by the
NASA Astrophysics Data Program that plans to develop a series of applications
of wavelet-based methods to Astrophysical data problems, and which plans to
further develop and add to this collection.

To access the software, anonymous FTP to, and cd to
directory pub/software/wavelets. There are archive files oriented towards
different machine architectures (due to different pathname separators and
different MEX formats).

TeachWave0550.tar.Z -- for unix folks;
binary transfer, uncompress, tar xvf.
TeachWave0550.sea.hqx -- for Mac folks;
binary transfer, unbinhex, double-click.

Each archive file contains README, INSTALLATION, GETTINGSTARTED files.
Note for Unix folk: MEX files are included only for Sun4 and DecStation
machines. Users of other machines needn't worry; it is not neccesary to have
the MEX files -- they just speed some things up by factors of 10-30, but they
are not critical unless you are working on 2-d problems.

David Donoho and Iain Johnstone
Department of Statistics, Stanford University
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