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Contents: Algorithms for Approximation III
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Author Message (Daniel Baltzer)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:40 pm    
Subject: Contents: Algorithms for Approximation III
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Contents: Algorithms for Approximation III

Algorithms for Approximation III

M.G. Cox,
Division of Information Technology & Computing,
National Physical Laboratory,
Middlesex TW11 0LW,

J.C. Mason,
Applied and Computational Mathematics Group,
RMCS (Cranfield),
Shrivenham, Swindon,
Wiltshire SN6 8LA,

Algorithms for Approximation III is published as Volume 5, 1993 of
Numerical Algorithms, ISSN 1017-1398, a primary journal covering all
aspects of numerical algorithms: theoretical results, implementation,
numerical stability, complexity, subroutines and applications.

Editor-in Chief:
Claude Brezinski
Laboratoire d'Analyse Numerique et d'Optimisation,
Universite de Sciences et Technologies de Lille,
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, France.
Postal Address: Paris Drouot BP 18, 75433 Paris Cedex 09, France

Contents Numerical Algorithms volume 5, Algorithms for Approximation III

Part I Development of Algorithms

1. Spline Approximation and Applications

C. de Boor, On the evaluation of box splines
J.C. Mason, G. Rodriguez and S. Seatzu, Orthogonal splines based on
B-splines - with applications to least squares, smoothing and
regularization problems
B.L. MacCarthy, C.S. Syan and M. Caulfield-Browne, Splines in motion - An
introduction to MODUS and some unresolved approximation problems
G. Plonka, An efficient algorithm for periodic Hermite spline interpolation
with shifted nodes
L. Traversoni, An algorithm for natural spline interpolation
R. van Damme, An algorithm for determining the approximation orders of
multivariate periodic spline spaces

2. Radial Basis Functions and Applications

I. Barrodale, R. Kuwahara, R. Poeckert and D. Skea, Side-scan sonar image
processing using thin plate splines and control point matching
M.J.D. Powell, Truncated Laurent expansions for the fast evaluation of thin
plate splines
D. Handscomb, Local recovery of a solenoidal vector field by an extension
of the thin-plate spline technique

3. Interpolation

M.G. Cox, Reliable determination of interpolating polynomials
J.-P. Berrut, A closed formula for the Chebyshev barycentric weights of
optimal approximation in H2
M. Dohlen and M. Floater, Iterative polynomial interpolation and ata compression
J. Prestin, Lagrange interpolation on extended generalized Jacobi nodes

4. Multivariate Approximation

I.J. Anderson, M.G. Cox and J.C. Mason, Tensor-product spline interpolation
to data on or near a family of lines
L. Lenarduzzi, Practical selection of neighbourhoods for local regression
in the bivariate case
S. Thiry, Extremal signatures for bivariate Chebyshev approximation problems

5. Generic Approximation

W. Dahmen, Decomposition of refinable spaces and applications to operator
W.A. Light, Techniques for generating approximations via convolution kernels
G.A. Watson, On matrix approximation problems with Ky Fan k norms

6. Nonlinear Approximation

I.D. Coope and P.R. Graves-Morris, The rise and fall of the vector epsilon
B. Fischer and J. Modersitzki, An algorithm for complex linear
approximation based on semi-infinite programming
M.-P. Istace and J.-P. Thiran, On computing best Chebyshev complex rational
K. Jonasson, A projected conjugate gradient method for sparse minimax problems
J. Williams and Z. Kalogiratou, Nonlinear Chebyshev fitting from the
solution of ordinary differential equations

7. Constrained Approximation

M.T. Bozzini and C. Paracelli, An algorithm for constrained smoothing functions
R.H. Chan and P.T.P. Tang, Constrained minimax approximation and optimal
preconditioners for Toeplitz matrices
G.H. Elliott, Least squares data fitting using shape preserving piecewise

8. Smoothing and Regularization

C.A. Micchelli, Optimal estimation of linear operators from inaccurate
data: a second look
G. Rodriguez and S. Seatzu, Approximation methods for the finite moment problem
K.W. Bosworth and U. Lall, An L1 smoothing spline algorithm with cross
D. de Falco, KM. Frontini and L. Gotusso, A unifying approach to the
regularization of Foutier polynomials


9. Integrals and Integral Equations

C. Barone and E. Venturino, On the numerical evaluation of Cauchy transforms
L. Brutman, An application of the generalized alternating polynomials to
the numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations
C. Dagnino, V. Demichelis and E. Santi, An algorithm for numerical
integration based on quasi-interpolating splines
M. Tasche, Fast algorithms for discrete Chebyshev-Vandermonde transforms
and applications

10. Metrology

B.P. Butler and A.B. Forbes, An algorithm for combining data sets having
different frames of reference
P. Ciarlini and F. Pavese, Application of special reduction procedures to
metrological data
M.G. Cox, P.M. Harris and D.A. Humphreys, An algorithm for the removal of
noise and jitter in signals and its application to picosecond electrical
R. Drieschner, Chebyshev approximation to data by geometric elements
A.B. Forbes, Generalised regression problems in metrology
H.-P. Helfrich and D. Zwick, A trust region method for implicit orthogonal
distance regression

11. Geometric Modelling

E. Galligani, C1 surface interpolation with constraints
B.J. Hogervorst and R. van Damme, Degenerate polynomial patches of degree
11 for almost GC2 interpolation over triangles
P.R. Pfluger and M. Neamtu, On degenerate surface patches
S. Rippa, Scattered data interpolation using minimum energy Powell-Sabin
elements and data dependent triangulations

12. Applicated in Other Disciplines

E. Grosse, Approximation in VLSI simulation
R. Model and L. Trahms, An inverse problem of magnetic source localization
A. Potchinkov and R. Reemtsen, A globally most violated cutting plane
method for complex minimax problems with application to digital filter
V.V.S.S. Sastry, Algorithms for the computation of Hankel functions of
complex order

Working session on splines
Panel discussion on applications of approximation
Working session on metrology
Panel discussion on geometric modelling
Panel discussion on multivariate problems
Panel discussion on parallel processing

Free sample copy Numerical Algorithms, ISSN 1017-1398, available.

Volume 5, 1993, Algorithms for Approximation III, 650 pages, available at
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