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Reply to Volume 2 : Issue 17, Topic 9.
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Author Message (Leonard J. Trejo)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:40 pm    
Subject: Reply to Volume 2 : Issue 17, Topic 9.
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Reply to Volume 2 : Issue 17, Topic 9.

A mailing list, "SP-EEG," dedicated to signal processing and EEG,
including wavelet applications, has been formed by Vince Samar. I'm
attaching three announcements from the list. One explains how to
subscribe, the other two have some wavelet references.

Vince is out of the country now, so it may take a while for new
subscriptions to be processed.


From: "Vince Samar"

(4) Query Summary: Neurometric Wavelet Analysis Papers

I'm building a bibliography of papers that have applied the wavelet
transform in one way or another to the analysis of neurometric
signals. I have not found many. The following is the list I currently
have. If anyone knows of additional references on this topic, I'd
appreciate receiving them (better yet, send me the papers!). I'll post
a final reference list when I've got one.

Neurometric Wavelet Papers:

Bartnik, E.A., Blinowska, K.J. and Durka, P.J. (1991). Single evoked
potential reconstruction by means of wavelet transform. Biological
Cybernetics, 67,175-181.

Bartnik, E.A. and Blinowska, K.J. (1992). Wavelets: New method of evoked
potential analysis, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 30,

Chin, S. and Kassam, S. A. (1993). Analysis of EEG signals using wavelet
decomposition. Proceedings of the Conference on Information Sciences
and Systems. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, March 24-26.

Hanrahan, H. E. (1990). Extraction of features in auditory brainstem
response (ABR) signals. COMSIG 90, Proceedings of the third South
African Conference on Communications and Signal Processing, IEEE catalog
number 90TH0314-5/90, 61-66.

Hanrahan, H. E. (1992). A family of wavelets which are dilatable by simple
IIR filters. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal
Processing, IEEE catalog number 0-7803-0532-9/92, March 23-26, San
Francisco, pp. IV_285-IV_288.

Samar, V. J., Raghuveer, M. R. & Swartz, K. (in press). Multiresolution
analysis of Event-Related Potentials by wavelet decomposition. In
V. J. Samar and D. L. Molfese (Eds.), Contemporary Trends in
Electroencephalographic, Magnetoencephalographic, and Event
Related Potential Waveform Analysis, Brain and Cognition.

Len Trejo also has a very nice recent paper out on the use of wavelet
decompositions in conjunction with neural network classification of
ERPs. However, I don't have the reference handy right now. I'll
include it in the final list that I post.

Additional neurometric wavelet papers:

Cohen, A. (1986). Biomedical Signal Processing. Volume II.
Compression and Automatic Recognition. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
[Discusses wavelet detection methods *not* based on the wavelet

Grusser, O.-J. and Landis, T. (1991). Visual agnosias and other
disturbances of visual perception and cognition. In J. Cronley-Dillon
(Ed.), Vision and visual dysfunction, Volume 12. pp. 240-247,
Boca Raton FL: CRC Press.
[Wavelets applied to VEP. Wavelet functions not clearly defined
here, but appear to be undecimated & symmetric (2nd derivative of
a Gaussian)]

Tang, Z., and Ishii, N. (1993). The recognition system with two
channels at different resolution for detecting spike in the human's
EEG. IECE Transactions on Information and Systems, E76-D,

Trejo, L. J. (1993a). Pattern recognition neural networks for human
event-related potentials (ERP): A comparison of feature extraction
methods. Proceedings of the Artificial Neural Network Conference. Navy
Personnel Research and Development Center. San Diego, February 2-3.

Trejo, L. J. and Shensa, M. J. (1993b, in press). Linear and neural
network models for predicting human signal detection performance from
event-related potentials: A comparison of the wavelet transform with
other feature extraction methods. Proceedings of the 1993 Simulation
Technology Multiconference, San Francisco, CA, November 7-10. San
Diego: Society for Computer Simulation.

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