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Table of contents of first ''issue'' of ETNA
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L. Reichel, Kent State University

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:35 pm    
Subject: Table of contents of first ''issue'' of ETNA
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Table of contents of first "issue" of ETNA

Table of contents of first "issue" of Electronic Transactions on Numerical
Analysis (ETNA)

ETNA, Vol 1, "Issue 1", September 1993.

C. Schneider, Analysis of the linearly implicit mid--point rule for
differential--algebraic equations, pp. 1-10

G.L.G. Sleijpen and D.R. Fokkema, BiCGstab(l) for linear equations involving
unsymmetric matrices with complex spectrum, pp. 11-32

G. Ammar, P. Benner and V. Mehrmann, A multishift algorithm for the numerical
solution of algebraic Riccati equations, pp. 33-48

M. Eiermann and R.S. Varga, Zero and local extreme points of Faber polynomials
associated with hypocycloidal domains, pp. 49-71.

The next batch of accepted papers will be posted in December. A special issue
of ETNA will be dedicated to Professor Niethammer on the occassion of his
60th birthday. Send mail to if you would like to

How to access papers in ETNA:

ETNA is running a gopher server. Its hostname is
If you are running gopher on your system the command
will connect you directly to ETNA. Provided your system is suitably
configured, keyword searches and the on-line-graphical display of
papers will then be available. The ETNA directory, "viewers", contains
the source files for programs that will provide most UNIX workstations
with direct-display and keyword-search capabilities. Contact your system
admistrator about installing these programs.

Papers can be obtained at any time from ETNA via anonymous ftp from A paper's location will always correspond to
its reference. For instance, a paper which is referenced as
"...,Elec. Trans. Numer. Anal., Vol 1, 1993, pp. 11-35", will be stored
in the directory "vol.1.1993", and its file name will be "".
To obtain that paper using ftp

a) ftp
b) login as anonymous
c) enter your e-mail address as your password
d) cd to vol.1.1993
e) get

To obtain only the list of titles and abstract for the papers published
is volume 1 of ETNA, proceed repeat a)-d) above but change e) to
e) get index

ETNA is using a mailer program which will scan incoming e-mail messages
for requests and then e-mail the requested file to the sender. The program
was written by Eric Grosse for netlib and modified slightly by Arden
Ruttan for ETNA.
A PostScript file of any paper published in ETNA may be obtained by sending
an e-mail message to "" containing a phrase of the
form "send pagenumber from vol.number.year". For instance, to use
ETNA's mailer to obtain a paper which is referenced as
"...,Elec. Trans. Numer. Anal., Vol 1, 1993, pp. 11-35",
send e-mail to "" containing the phrase
"send from vol.1.1993".
To obtain only the list of titles and abstract for the papers published
in volume 1 of ETNA, send an e-mail message to ""
containing the phrase "send index from vol.1.1993".
The requested paper will be e-mailed to you in several pieces. The subject
of each piece of e-mail indicates the number of that piece. To
reconstruct the original file,
a) Edit each piece deleting all lines that are not strictly between
the two occurrence of the phrase "CUT HERE............"
including the lines containing those phrases.
b) Using the file containing piece 1, successively append
the remaining pieces in order to the END of the that file.

To be included in ETNA's quarterly mailing list of the titles and abstracts
of papers published in ETNA, send an e-mail message to
with the subject "ETNA Registration".

To obtain information as to how to submit a paper to ETNA, ftp the file
"info-for-authors" which is located in the directory "etna-info".
Alternately you may send an e-mail message to ""
containing the phrase "send info-for-authors from etna-info".
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