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List of recent wavelet papers.
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"Jerzy B. Usowicz"

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 2:30 pm    
Subject: List of recent wavelet papers.
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List of recent wavelet papers.

Part 1:

(1) The Binomial QMF-Wavelet Transform for Multiresolution Signal Decompo-
sition - A.N. Akansu, R.A. Haddad, and H. Caglar
IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, Vol.41, No.1, Jan. 1993, pp.13-19
(2) Time-Frequency Design and Processing of Signals Via Smoothed Wigner
Distributions - W. Krattenthaler and F. Hlawatsch
as above, pp.278-287
(3) Analysis and Synthesis of Feedforward NEural Networks Using Discrete
Affine Wavelet Transformations - Y.C. Pati and P.S. Krishnaprasad
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks, Vol.4, No.1, Jan. 1993, pp.73-85
(4) Wavelet Decomposition of Harmonizable Random Processes - P.W. Wong
IEEE Trans. Information Theory, Vol.39, No.1, Jan. 1993, pp.7-18
(5) The Wavelet Transform of Stochastic Process with Stationary Increments
and Its Application to Fractional Brownian Motion - E. Masry
as above, pp.260-264
(6) Non-Parametric Estimation of the Diffusion Coefficient by Wavelet
Methods - V. Genoncatalot, C. Laredo, D. Picard
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Vol.19, No.4, 1992, pp.317-336
(7) Inequalities of Littlewood-Paley Type for Frames and Wavelets - C.K.
Chui, X.L. Shi
SIAM J. on Mathematical Analysis, Vol.24, No.1, Jan. 1993, pp.263-
(8) Compactly Supported Wavelets and Boundary Conditions (in French)
P. Auscher
Journal of Functional Analysis, Vol.111, No.1, January 1993, pp.29-44
(9) An Analysis of cardinal Spline-Wavelets - C.K. Chui, J.Z. Wang
J. Approximation Theory, Vol.72, No.1, Jan. 1993, pp.54-69
(10) Using Wavelets to Solve the Burgers Equation - A Comparative Study
R.L. Schult, H.W. Wyld
Physical Review A, Vol.46, No.12, 1992, pp.7953-7958
(11) All Regular Wavelet Basis for L2(R) Come from a Regular Multi-
Resolution Analysis - P. Auscher
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie I Mathematique
Vol.315, No.12, Dec. 3 1992, pp.1227-1230
(12) Optical Wavelet Matched Filters for Shift-Invariant Pattern Recognition
Y.L. Sheng, D. Roberge, H. Szu, T.W. Lu
Optics Letters, Vol. 18, No.4, February 15 1993, pp.299-302
(13) A Wavelet Based Space-Time Adaptive Numerical Method for Partial
Differential Equations - E. Bacry, S. Mallat, G. Papanicolaou
RAIRO Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, Vol.26, No.7,
1992, pp.793-834

Part 2:

[1] Wavelet-Like bases for the Fast Solution of 2nd-Kind Integral Equations,
B. Alpert, G. Beylkin, R. Coifman, V. Rokhlin
SIAM J. on Scientific Computing, Vol.14, No.1, January 1993, pp.159-184
[2] Wavelets and Multigrid
W.L. Briggs, V.E. Henson
SIAM J. on Scientific Computing, Vol.14, No.2, March 1993, pp.506-
[3] Orthonormal Bases of Compactly Supported Wavelets. 2. Variations on a
I. Daubechies
SIAM J. on Mathematical Analysis, Vol.24, No.2, March 1993, pp.499-519
[4] Orthonormal Bases of Compactly Supported Wavelets. 3. Better Frequency
A. Cohen, I. Daubechies
SIAM J. on Mathematical Analysis, Vol.24, No.2, March 1993, pp.520-527
[5] Coherent Structures in Random Media and Wavelets
G. Berkooz, J. Elezgaray, P. Holmes
Physica D, Vol.61, Nos.1-4, 1992, pp.47-58
[6] The Wavelet Transform for the Analysis of Remotely Sensed Images
T. Ranchin, L. Wald
Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol.14, No.3, Feb. 1993, pp.615-620
[7] Financial Immunization, market Incompleteness and Wavelets
P. Courty, J.M. Lasry, J.M. Morel
C R ACAD SCI SER I MATH, 316(4)93, pp.399-
[8] Singularity Spectrum of Fractal Signals from Wavelet Analysis - Exact
E. Bacry, J.F. Muzy, A. Arneodo
J. Stat. Phys. Vol.70, No.3-4, Feb. 1993, pp.635-674
[9] 2-D Wavelet Transforms - Generalisation on the Hardy Space and Applica-
tion to Experimental Studies
T. Dallard, G.R. Spedding
European Journal of Mechanics B Fluids, Vol.12, No.1, 1993, pp.107-
[10] Looking at Atomic Orbitals Through Fourier and Wavelet Transforms
P. Fischer, M. Defranceschi
Int. J. Quantum Chem., 45(6)93, pp.619-636
[11] A New Look at Rainfall Fluctuations and Scaling Properties of Spatial
Rainfall Using Orthogonal Wavelets
P. Kumar, E. Foufoulageorgiu
Journal of Applied Meteorology, Vol.32, No.2, Feb. 1993, pp.209-222
[12] Scaling Functions for n-Dimensional Wavelets
P.G. Lemarierieusset
C R ACAD SCI SER I MATH, `16(2)93, pp.145-148
[13] B-Spline Signal Processing: Part I - Theory
Michael Unser, Akram Aldroubi, Murray Eden
IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, Vol.41, No.2, Feb. 1993, pp.821-833
[14] B-Spline Signal Processing: Part II - Efficient Design and Applications
Michael UNser, Akram Aldroubi, Murray Eden
IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, Vol.41, No.2, Feb. 1993, pp.834-848
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