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Wavelet Compression Replies
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Licinda Woudberg, University of Otago, New Zealand

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 2:27 pm    
Subject: Wavelet Compression Replies
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Wavelet Compression Replies

% Note for the editor: This is a summary of the replies on the
% submission "Looking for compression software", Topic #5 of
% Wavelet Digest Vol. 1, Nr. 10.


Firstly I would like to appologise for taking so long to
reply. I have managed to find some information and contacts
regarding Wavelet compression - techniques and software, and similar

The following is a reply I received from Victor Wickerhauser
(Washington University). Victor has written a number of papers on
Wavelet compression (mainly using the Best Basis alogorithm) partly
as a result of a FBI project to digitise finger prints for computer
recognition. I am sure you can appreciate the quality of information
that must be retained through a lossy compression. The reply is
regarding wavelet compression papers by Victor. pic.tar.Z can be
obtained through anonynous ftp from
[] (I think!)

From: IN%"" 11-DEC-1992 14:43:54.76
> But you can get a much better and more recent paper from wuarchive
> (see below), namely (compress'ed postscript, 300-400dpi
> fonts). pic.tar.Z is a highly preliminary paper which discusses
> how much > distortion it costs to discard a certain fraction of the
> coefficeints.

Some of Victor's software (the binaries) is also available through
ftp from wuarchive ( []). It is
called WPLab and is good for examinign how wavelets work. To obtain
the code involves entering into a non-disclosure agreement. The
binaries are avaliable for both the NeXT (in Objective-C) and for the

The following is a reply I received from Eero P. Simoncelli, who has
also written some papers on Wavelet compression.

From: IN%"" 21-JAN-1993 05:06:20.08
> Dear Licinda,
> I saw your message on the wavelet digest a while back. I wrote a
> public domain wavelet coder called EPIC that is very efficient.
> Source code is in C. It currently only works on grayscale (8bit)
> square images, but I have used it to compress color images by
> converting them from RGB to YIQ and encoding the three images
> separately.
> I'm including the README file below. Hope you'll find it useful.
> Eero.

% Note from the editor: I didn't include the readme file here, but it can be
% found in Topic #3, Wavelet Digest Vol. 1 , Nr 2.

I recently attended a workshop called "Wavelets Down Under" (in
Australia!) which was very useful. The software is around, but
exactly where for 'your' purposes I am unsure of.

I hope this has been of help to people. Thank you Victor for your
help, and thank you Eero.


(Miss) Licinda Woudberg
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Otago
Dunedin 9001
email: or
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