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Volume 11, Issue 3
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No new posts Preprint: Fresnelets: New Multiresolution Wavelet Bases for Digital Holography
Michael LIEBLING 5473
No new posts Preprint: WInHD: Wavelet-based Inverse Halftoning via Deconvolution
Ramesh Neelamani (Neelsh) 5550
No new posts Preprint: ForWaRD: Fourier-Wavelet Regularized Deconvolution for Ill-Conditioned Systems
Ramesh Neelamani (Neelsh) 5859
No new posts Preprint: Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Linear--Quadratic Elliptic Control Problems: Convergence Rates
Angela Kunoth 5021
No new posts Preprint: edge-adaptive multiscale decomposition of images
Maarten Jansen 5477
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet Footprints: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Pier Luigi Dragotti 6344
No new posts Preprint: A Toolbox for the Lifting Scheme on Quincunx Grids (LISQ)
Paul de Zeeuw 5335
No new posts Preprint: N-body simulations with two-orders-of-magnitude higher performance using wavelets
Alessandro Romeo 5787
No new posts Preprint: Nonlinear functions of wavelet expansions
Wolfgang Dahmen 5358
No new posts Preprint: Adaptive Wavelet Schemes for Nonlinear Variational Problems
A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, R. DeVore 5303
No new posts Preprint: Compression Techniques for Boundary Integral Equations
Wolfgang Dahmen, Helmut Harbrecht, Reinhold Schneider 5444
No new posts Preprint: Two Preprints on Shift-Invariant Spaces
Qiyu Sun 5573
No new posts Meeting: Conference on Wavelet Applications in Industrial Processing
No new posts Meeting: Coifman-Meyer Conference
Stephane Jaffard 5507
No new posts Meeting: International Conference on Wavelets and Statistics: Watering the Seed (Theory and Applications)
Theofanis Sapatinas 7962
No new posts Meeting: Program on Mathematics & Computation in Imaging Science & Information Processing
KP Chua 5042
No new posts Meeting: International Conference: Wavelet Theory & Applications: New Directions & Challenges
KP Chua 7201
No new posts Meeting: International Conference: Numerical Methods in Imaging Science & Information Processing
KP Chua 8279
No new posts CFP: Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (ACIVS 2003)
Wilfried Philips 7443
No new posts Software: Rice Wavelet Toolbox Upgrade (Version 2.4)
Ramesh Neelamani 6826
No new posts Software: LISQ - a MATLAB toolbox for the lifting scheme on 2D quincunx grids
Paul de Zeeuw 5766
No new posts Book: new book on Gabor Analysis
Seth Barnes 5141
No new posts Book: New Book on Frames and Riesz Bases
Seth Barnes 4968
No new posts Book: 'The Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook: Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Finance'
Paul Addison 5953
No new posts Thesis: Multiwavelets and Scalable Video Compression
Jo Yew THAM 5506
No new posts Thesis: Microcodable Discrete Wavelet Transform
Bahman Zafarifar 7080
No new posts Job: post doct opportunity
Laura Rebollo-Neira 5267
No new posts Answer: M-channel Lifting
Kevin Amaratunga 5402
No new posts Answer: Wavelet in control system
Gopal Mor 5675
No new posts Question: Time Series and Wavelet
Tiago Ferreira 5782
No new posts Question: biorthogonal filter coefficients
Pushker Pradhan 5657
No new posts Question: Gabor filters
Ungureanu Paul 5920
No new posts Question: problem with the 'cwt' in Matlab wavelet toolbox
Philippe Ravier 6954
No new posts Question: wavelets, EMG, and how to quantify results
Janina Wilen 5764
No new posts Question: Acoustic emission characterisation
S'fiso Radebe 5489
No new posts Question: wavelet maxima in image denoising
mukesh gadiya 6466
No new posts Question: Wavelets for Nonstationary Noide Reduction
Ibrahim OLCER 5894
No new posts Question: discrete wavelet transform
yi wang 6419
No new posts Question: jpeg 2000 wavelet based image compression
hari krishna 8081
No new posts Question: Matlab calculates total energy of wavelet?
Soullis Tavrou 7255
No new posts Table of Contents: Special issue on "Wavelets in Medical Imaging"
Michael Unser 5468
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