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Volume 10, Issue 3
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No new posts Volume 10, Issue 3 (September 25, 2001)
Wim Sweldens 3941
No new posts Book: Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and Control Problems
Wim Sweldens 4436
No new posts Book: Ripples in Mathematics - The Discrete Wavelet Transform
Arne JENSEN 5682
No new posts Book: Wavelets in Soft Computing
"Thuillard Marc" 4978
No new posts Book: Multivariate Polysplines Analysis 4666
No new posts Book: Wavelets, Tools for Science and Technology
Wim Sweldens 4698
No new posts Preprint: Discrete Complete Orthogonal Directional Wavelets 5466
No new posts Preprint: Papers on Wavelets in Statistics 4639
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet Analysis of Deformations
Maureen Clerc 4656
No new posts Preprint: Framelets: MRA-based Constructions of Wavelet Frames
Amos Ron 5476
No new posts Preprint: Poly-scale refinability and subdivision
"Shai Dekel" 4888
No new posts Preprint: The double-density dual-tree discrete wavelet transform
Ivan Selesnick 4957
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet Packets and De-noising ...
"Philippe Ravier" 5006
No new posts Preprint: Projectable multivariate wavelets
B Han 4705
No new posts Preprint: Novel Bayesian Multiscale Method for Speckle Removal...
Alin Achim 4733
No new posts Preprint: reports available from CRIM
Langis Gagnon 4673
No new posts Preprint: Smooth design-adapted wavelets for stochastic regression
Jo Simoens 4453
No new posts Preprint: Wavelets in EEG and evoked potentials 4960
No new posts Thesis: Solutions to Dilation Equations 4477
No new posts Thesis: The Position-Oscillation-Scale Transform (POST)
Mark Tygert 4690
No new posts Thesis: Discrete wavelet transform, norm bounds, ...
Henning Thielemann 5359
No new posts Software: Matching pursuit + papers
"Piotr J. Durka" 7099
No new posts Software: Matlab code for visual texture analysis/synthesis
Eero Simoncelli 9081
No new posts Software: Fraclab toolbox
Jacques Levy-Vehel 6891
No new posts Meeting: Curves and Surfaces 2002
Marie-Laurence Mazure 5365
No new posts Meeting: Wavelets for Undergraduates (San Diego)
"Ed Aboufadel" 4626
No new posts Meeting: Forum On Wavelet Applications In Fluid Mechanics
"Hui LI" 5757
No new posts Meeting: Announcement of Gabor workshop
Karlheinz Groechenig 4390
No new posts CFP: Journal Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry
Brani Vidakovic 5272
No new posts CFP: Spl. Issue in Pattern Recognition Letters.
"Ramaswamy, Veeru" 4871
No new posts Job: Postdoc at University of Liverpool, UK
Ke Chen 5530
No new posts Job: PhD Position at Napier U. Edinburgh
"Addison, Paul" 4352
No new posts Job: research position in numerical analysis in Bremen
Dahlke 4425
No new posts Job: Postdoctoral position at Delaware State University!wim Mon Jun 18 09:28:49 EDT 2001 remote from netlib2 4806
No new posts Job: At U. of Bristol
Guy Nason 4250
No new posts Job: Postdocs, Lab for Computational Vision, NYU
Eero Simoncelli 4925
No new posts Contents: JFAA, Vo. 6, 4-6 (2000), Table of content
Jfaa Mathematik 4882
No new posts Contents: ETNA Vol 12, 2000
Lothar Reichel 4459
No new posts Question: 3D wavelet
"Anne GOURDEN" 5466
No new posts Question: lifting and factorising of FIR filter pairs
Julian Magarey 4936
No new posts Question: Stationary DWT's
"Nyander, Annie" 4509
No new posts Question: 2-D wavelet approximation order
Juan Liu 4684
No new posts Question: Lipschitz regularity in the multidimensional case
Juan Liu 5554
No new posts Question: Lifting for making a basis given a scaling filter
Alle Meije Wink 4675
No new posts Question: Wavelets on edge detection
=?gb2312?q?tom=20smith?= 6387
No new posts Question: Wavelet analyses in bio-acoustics
Lieke Spithoven 4397
No new posts Question: Perceptual Entropy in the Wavelet Domain
"Daniel L. Zelazo" 4514
No new posts Question: Complex wavelets
"Sumit Nath" 4619
No new posts Question: Wavelets/B-Spline/Radial-basis
Amr Ahmed 4668
No new posts Question: normalisation of CWT
Jon Kirby 4031
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