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Volume 9, Issue 7
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No new posts Volume 9, Issue 7 (December 7, 2000)
Wim Sweldens 3811
No new posts Preprint: Numerical Integral Algorithm Based on Multiresolution Analysis
Guo Hanwei 4868
No new posts Preprint: Review of wavelets and wavelet-based trend analysis
"Donald B. Percival" 4456
No new posts Preprint: Trimming for Subdivision Surfaces
"Nathan Litke" 4405
No new posts Preprint: Semi-Regular Mesh Extraction from Volumes
Zoe Wood 4467
No new posts Preprint: Hilbert transform pairs of wavelet bases
Ivan Selesnick 4975
No new posts Preprint: Gabor frames, communications, sampling, etc.
Thomas Strohmer 5257
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet Regression on Curves and Spectroscopic Calibration
"Marina Vannucci" 4779
No new posts Preprint: Multiresolution framework for blind source separation
Michael Zibulevsky 4649
No new posts Preprint: Common Waveform Analysis 4446
No new posts Preprint: Statistical density and regression estimation with wavelets 4852
No new posts Preprint: Integer Wavelets for Embedded Lossy/Lossless Compression
Julien Reichel 5005
No new posts Preprint: Orthonormal Wavelet Analysis - Atmospheric Blocking
"Aime' Fournier" 4668
No new posts Software: Announcing version 2.0 of the Wavelet Toolbox
Paul Costa 4742
No new posts Meeting: Second Seminar ''Wavelets and their Applications''
"L. Kamstra" 4213
No new posts Meeting: Nonlinear Estimation and Classification, MSRI
Mark Hansen 4156
No new posts Meeting: Fourth Annual Wavelet Symposium in Tokyo
"Mei Kobayashi" 4818
No new posts Meeting: International Conference of Computational Harmonic Analysis
ZHOU Ding Xuan 5302
No new posts Meeting: CAM 2001 with Daubechies and Golubitsky
"Dr. Charlotte Simmons" 4660
No new posts Meeting: AMS Special Session on Wavelets April 28-29, 2001
Ivan Selesnick 4635
No new posts Job: NIST/NRC Postdoctoral Associateship Program
"Ronald F. Boisvert" 4758
No new posts Job: Research Scientist
"A Magill" 4492
No new posts Job: Postdoc at Univ. New South Wales
Victor Solo 5215
No new posts Job: 18 month post-doc in Bristol UK
Guy Nason 4323
No new posts Job: Postdocs with Mingle in Munich
Armin Iske 4425
No new posts Job: Ph.D.Studentship at the University of Bonn
Angela Kunoth 4928
No new posts Job: Research Position at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Marty Brenner 5124
No new posts Job: Two applied research positions in computer vision
"Harte, Thomas" 4673
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - sep00 TOC
Thomas Hogan 4244
No new posts Contents: Journal ''Numerical Algorithms 24 (2000) 4 ''
"Listowner" 4225
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - oct00 TOC
Thomas Hogan 4550
No new posts Answer: Wavelets and Cumulant (WD 9.6 #43)
Malachy Devlin 5780
No new posts Answer: About Wavelet Networks and Event-Related Potential (WD 9.6 #42)
Leonard Trejo 5795
No new posts Answer: Random Gaussian Recognition (WD 9.6 #32)
"lin jing" 6096
No new posts Question: 2D discrete periodic wavelet transform
Huang Shuping 4919
No new posts Question: Wavelets for time/frequency scaling?
Bob Cain 4676
No new posts Question: How to manage the WT coefficients exceeding [0,255]
Tao Chen 4475
No new posts Question: Wavelet transform norm bounds, best basis wavelets
Lemming 4574
No new posts Question: Wavelet Thresholding
No new posts Question: Border problems for perfect reconstruction
"DA Winne, Electrical & Electronic Engineering" 4336
No new posts Question: Modelling Electric Lines with wavelets
David Alvira 4527
No new posts Question: Vector valued wavelets vs. multiwavelets
"Eyal Lin" 4576
No new posts Question: Shape Adaptive Wavelet Transform
Vranyecz Zoltan 4416
No new posts Cfp: Wavelet volume
"Arthur Petrosian" 3891
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