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Volume 9, Issue 6
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No new posts Volume 9, Issue 6 (September 19, 2000)
Wim Sweldens 4032
No new posts Book: Handbook Of Analytic-Computational Meth.In Appl.Math.
Anastassiou 4691
No new posts Book: Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
Graham Robertson 5372
No new posts Book: A new and practical generalization of classic Fourier analysis 5517
No new posts Preprint: Physical Wavelets, Potential Theory and Hyperbolic Equations
Gerald Kaiser 5514
No new posts Preprint: Application of CWT to non-stationary time series
"Rob Bell" 4790
No new posts Preprint: L^2 Solutions of Dilation Equations and Fourier-like Transforms
David Malone 4970
No new posts Preprint: Minimality of the data in wavelet filters
Brian Treadway 4407
No new posts Preprint: Recent review papers by M. Unser
Michael Unser 5130
No new posts Preprint: Kinetic Modeling in Wavelet Space
Federico Turkheimer 4920
No new posts Preprint: On one-sided estimation of a sharp cusp using wavelets
Abramowich Felix 4793
No new posts Preprint: Modular frames for Hilbert C*-modules...
Michael Frank 4415
No new posts Preprint: Symmetric Framelets
"Alexander Petukhov" 4918
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet Transforms for Financial Time Series
"Sara M. Abecasis" 4805
No new posts Preprint: Two preprints by Jo Simoens on lifting and stability
Jo Simoens 4954
No new posts Preprint: Locally supported biorthogonal wavelets on non-uniform meshes
No new posts Software: Low Bitrate Image/Video Codec and C Source
Xuejun Li 11438
No new posts Software: Wavelet Java Programming Contest
Edward Aboufadel 5948
No new posts Meeting: The annual WSES Group of Mathematics Conferences, Greece 4830
No new posts Job: Scholarships at National University of Singapore.
Wei Guowei 5588
No new posts Job: Computer vision in Bochum, Germany
Rolf Wuertz 5337
No new posts Job: PhD Studentship at Imperial College, London, U.K.
"Dr. A. A. Bharath" 5225
No new posts Job: Graduate Fellowship Available at Georgia Tech
Brani Vidakovic 4980
No new posts Job: Faculty position at The National University of Singapore
Wei Guowei 5913
No new posts Job: Postdoc Position at Wisconsin
Akbar Sayeed 6474
No new posts Job: PhD Position in The Netherlands
No new posts Job: Research position in wavelets/computer vision
"Harte, Thomas" 6381
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - jun00 TOC
Thomas Hogan 5361
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - jul00 TOC
Thomas Hogan 4860
No new posts Contents: Journal ''Numerical Algorithms 24 (2000) 1-2 ''
"Listowner" 5036
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - aug00 TOC
Thomas Hogan 4699
No new posts Contents: JoCAAA: Vol.2,No.3,2000
Anastassiou 4837
No new posts Question: Random Gaussian Recognition
Raymond Rogers 5408
No new posts Question: 2D wavelet orthonormal transform in Matlab
Sylvain Sardy 5461
No new posts Question: Wavelets and density
"ZhaoXm" 4762
No new posts Question: Video watermarking with Wavelet compression
"Lucy Robert Kelly" 5044
No new posts Question: Problems on lifting scheme
jianfenz 5245
No new posts Question: Epedimiology and Wavelets
Berhan Tam 5248
No new posts Question: Shape Adaptive Wavelet Transform.
No new posts Question: investigate sismic signals 5451
No new posts Question: graphics 3D and wavelets transforms
=?iso-8859-1?Q?M=E1rio_Augusto?= 5139
No new posts Question: How to apply WT to an image with arbitrary size
sudirman 4908
No new posts Question: About Wavelet Networks and Event-Related Potential
"Hamid Khosravi" 5536
No new posts Question: Wavelets and higher order statistics
=?iso-8859-1?q?sukhbinder=20kumar?= 5675
No new posts Question: Quincunx wavelet filters
"Claudia K. Schremmer" 4943
No new posts Question: Wavelet implementation
"Shrikant N Dhanorkar" 4312
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