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Volume 8, Issue 1
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No new posts Volume 8, Issue 1 (January 27, 1999)
Wim Sweldens 3736
No new posts Book: Wavelets: An Analysis Tool
"PEACOCK, Tom" 4977
No new posts Book: Time-Frequency/Time/Scale Analysis. 5168
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet bases in H(div) and H(curl)
Karsten Urban 4667
No new posts Preprint: Three papers from Hiu Li on Turbulent Flow
"Hui LI" 6052
No new posts Preprint: Translation invariance of wavelet
"qiaowang" 4834
No new posts Preprint: N Dimensional Finite Wavelet Filters
"Peng Silong" 4924
No new posts Preprint: Decomposition for Recovery of Signal from Noisy Data
Hsin-Cheng Huang 4992
No new posts Preprint: Balanced Multiwavelet Bases Based on Symmetric FIR Filters
Ivan Selesnick 4679
No new posts Thesis: Time-frequency and time-scale reassignment methods
Chassande-Mottin 5249
No new posts Thesis: Wavelet Based Features for EMG Classification
"Kevin Englehart" 5641
No new posts Thesis: Wavelet-Galerkin Scheme of Electromagnetic Problems
No new posts Thesis: Beyond Traditional Transform Coding
"Vivek Goyal" 5826
No new posts Web: A wavelet tutorial after Stephane Mallat's book
Francois Chaplais 5579
No new posts Course: June 16-18, Braunschweig, Wavelet workshop by Gilbert Strang
Andreas Keese 4861
No new posts Course: Mathematical Aspects of Image Processing
Consol Roca 5052
No new posts Job: Post-Doc Positions at the new national wavelet center
Amos Ron 4641
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - dec98/jan99
Thomas Hogan 4870
No new posts Answer: Generate all of the one dimensional filters
"Peng Silong" 5401
No new posts Question: Wavelet Zero-Crossings for Image Compression
"S. Sriram" 4900
No new posts Question: Wavelets and financial engineering 5244
No new posts Question: Wavelets on the interval
Armelle DAULLE 4907
No new posts Question: Wavelet analysis for speech
"KC Chan" 4744
No new posts Question: Wavelets for the analysis of planetary radio emissions
"Michael Leitner" 5433
No new posts Question: Gaussian functions is a good basis function?
Dennis Lee 5397
No new posts Question: Wavelet in Modal Anlysis
Marcelo Braga dos Santos 4920
No new posts Question: Wavelets and data fusion 4811
No new posts Question: I am looking for Commercial Smoothing software!
"rosemarie barnett" 5152
No new posts Question: Wavelets and ultrasound
VccAso 5502
No new posts Question: Evaluate Wavelet Functions in SPLus
ShinnJu-Lin 5591
No new posts Question: Wavelet Element Method
Patrick Fischer 5151
No new posts Question: Wavelets and classification
"Corey Albert Graves" 4615
No new posts Question: Filters for music perception
Scott Spiegelberg 5518
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