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Volume 7, Issue 5
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No new posts Volume 7, Issue 5 (May 26, 1998)
Wim Sweldens 4403
No new posts Book: The World According to Wavelets, Second Edition
Amie Casper 10118
No new posts Thesis: Optimal Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks 6415
No new posts Preprint: Stochastic Atomic Decompositions in a Wavelet Dictionary
mafs 4575
No new posts Preprint: The Marr Wavelet to Examine Tree Growth Variation
JohnsonP12 5219
No new posts Preprint: Fast Adaptive Wavelet Packet Image Compression
"Francois G. Meyer" 5195
No new posts Preprint: Wavelet analysis edge detection. 4815
No new posts Preprint: MAPS Multiresolution Adaptive Parametrization of Surfaces
Wim Sweldens 4449
No new posts Preprint: Unifying Algorithm for Daubechies Wavelets Collection
Carl Taswell 4604
No new posts Preprint: Two preprints from I. Selesnics on multiwavelets.
Ivan Selesnick 4619
No new posts Preprint: Preprints from Q. Sun on asymptotic smoothness
"Dr. Sun Qi yu" 5195
No new posts Software: A wavelet toolbox for Matlab
Harri Ojanen 4984
No new posts Meeting: Curves and Surfaces, St-Malo, July 1999
Christophe Rabut 5376
No new posts Meeting: Royal Society London Feb 1999
Bernard Silverman 4924
No new posts Meeting: Workshop on Wavelets in Biology and Medicine
Akram Aldroubi 4668
No new posts Meeting: IEEE Information Theory Workshop
Pierre Moulin 4532
No new posts Job: Research opportunities at NASA Dryden
Marty Brenner 5254
No new posts Job: Postdoctoral Position at Rice
"Jun Tian" 4799
No new posts Job: PhD Studentships at Napier University, Edinburgh, UK 5218
No new posts Job: Postdoctoral position at U. of Illinois
Pierre Moulin 4847
No new posts Contents: J. Approx. Th. - apr and may 98 TOC
Thomas Hogan 4836
No new posts Web: List of home pages of wavelet researchers
Andreas Klappenecker 5128
No new posts Answer: Wavelets & super-resolution of 2d images (WD 7.4 #25)
William Knox Carey 5636
No new posts Answer: Wavelets & super-resolution of 2d images (WD 7.4 #25)
Bernard Cena 6894
No new posts Answer: Parametrization of wavelets (WD 7.3 #19)
Algirdas Bastys 5804
No new posts Answer: Error in Matlab manual (WD 7.4 #26)
Paul Costa 5917
No new posts Answer: Wavelet Transformation in medical diagnosis (WD 7.4 #17)
"Piotr Wojdyllo" 5544
No new posts Answer: Wavelet on medical diagnosis (WD 7.4 #17)
Tang Yipeng 5659
No new posts Answer: Mathematics of Wavelets (WD 7.4 #16)
Thomas Harte 5443
No new posts Answer: Ridge and skeleton extraction (WD 7.4 #23)
isar 6690
No new posts Question: Rediscovering Haar wavelets & wavelet packets
"Dr. A. Avudainayagam" 6060
No new posts Question: Wavelets and Vibration Monitory.
"Raul Machado Garcian" 5055
No new posts Question: Wavelets & Power - Quality or Surge Protection? 5220
No new posts Question: Wavelets & Neural Network characterisation 4835
No new posts Question: Negative wavelet coefficients 5334
No new posts Question: Jackson-type inequality (simultaneous approximation)
Eric von Lieres 4991
No new posts Question: Burt-Adelson wavelet
Dorota W 5437
No new posts Question: Wavelet for surface reconstruction?
"Lijian Zhang" 4881
No new posts Question: Wavelet analysis of biological systems
"Ralph Quadflieg" 4809
No new posts Question: About Shift-Invariant Wavelet
"Yao Kaisheng" 5024
No new posts Question: Maximum Absolute Deviation?
Liu Bin 5660
No new posts Question: Wavelet spectral slopes
rickeym 4868
No new posts Question: Introduction to wavelets for non-mathematicians/engineers
adefeyike maryam odutayo 4506
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