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ImageLib C++ class library providing image processing and related facilities. (free)
LIFTPACK A software package written in C for fast calculation of 1D and 2D Haar and Biorthogonal wavelet transforms using the lifting scheme. (free)
MathWorks' Wavelet Toolbox for MATLAB Comprehensive collection of M-files and GUI based tools for wavelets. (Commercial)
MR/1 - Multiresolution Image and Data Analysis Software package for filtering, deconvolution, object detection and analysis, vision modeling, compression, registering, etc. (Commercial)
MSLib (MultiScale Library) GNU-license, C++ package for multi-scale analysis.
Multigrid Software Various software for Multigrid. (free)
The Rice Wavelet Tools Matlab toolbox for filter bank and wavelet design and analysis. (free)
WAILI - Wavelets with Integer Lifting A wavelet transform library which includes some basic image processing operations based on the use of wavelets. (free)
WavBox and ToolSmiths Matlab Wavelets toolbox (commercial).
WaveLab Matlab Wavelet library (free)
Wavelet Explorer - Mathematica Wavelet software from Wolfram Wavelets package for Mathematica (Commercial)
WVLT - The Imager Wavelet Library A small set of C routines that allow the user to manipulate wavelets. (free)
XWPL - The X Wavelet Packet Laboratory X based tool to examine one-dimensional real-valued signals using wavelets and wavelet packets. Only binary available. (free)
WSPM: Wavelet-based Statistical Parametric Mapping A toolbox for SPM (fMRI data analysis software) that combines powerful wavelet processing with statistical analysis in the spatial domain
Amphion Semiconductor, Inc. Semiconductor IP core solutions for Wavelet-based Image Compression. (Commercial Hadware).
MATLAB Implementation of W-Matrix Multiresolution Analyses (free)
THBComponentware Control which allows to display images and compress (also JPEG2000 compression). (Commercial)
AutoSignal Simultaneously find the time and frequency localisation components of a non-stationary periodic signal with Continuous Wavelet Spectrum analysis techniques. AutoSignal gives you a choice of three adjustable mother wavelets: Morlet, Paul and Gaussian (commercial)
CurveLab Matlab and C++ files for the Curvelet transform, both in 2D and 3D. (free for academics)
CWT Command line driven program for applying the Continuous Wavelet Transform to arbitrary data (real or complex) with respect to predefined wavelets. (free)
EP_den. Wavelet denoising of evoked potentials EP_den is a very simple GUI to band pass filter and denoise evoked potentials using wavelets. Its main focus is to filter the single-trial responses. Includes examplary data sets and a short tutorial with references. (free)
Framenet A web-based, research and educational tool for time/frequency analysis of data.
JOFILUREN A wavelet add-on code for new-generation N-body simulations and data de-noising (free)
LastWave - the signal processing command language GNU-license, C software package with matlab-like signal processing oriented command language and interactive display. Includes wavelet transforms (1D and 2D), extrema representations of wavelet transforms (1D and 2D), fractal analysis, matching pursuits, compression...
LISQ A MATLAB toolbox for the lifting scheme on 2D quincunx grids.
Includes second generation wavelet decomposition & reconstruction
tools for images, visualization tools, and functions for the computation of moments. (free)
National Instruments' Signal Processing Toolset National Instruments's Signal Processing Toolset is a set of software tools for Time/Frequency analysis using C/C++ and the firm's LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI measurement development environments. (commercial)
SOWAS - software for wavelet analysis and synthesis Sotware package to estimate the wavelet spectrum, cross spectrum and coherence, to perform significance tests, and to simulate non-stationary surrogate data. A manual, tutorial and FAQs as well as a list of interesting literature are provided.
waveslim waveslim is an R package containing functions to analyze one- and two-dimensional signals. A variety of wavelet routines are provided along with the analysis and synthesis of long-memory processes, denoising and bivariate time series. (free)
WaveThresh3 WaveThresh3 is a software package for performing statistics based on wavelet techniques. It is run on either R or Splus platforms. It is also possible to get most of the source code in C. (free)
WinWWZ Implements the "weighted wavelet Z-transform" for time series analysis (free)
YAWTB: Yet Another Wavelet Toolbox The aim of this toolbox is to provide a clear and well documented implementation in Matlab of some time-frequency and time-scale transformations like the well known continuous/discrete wavelet transforms.
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