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A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing Stephane Mallat
Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing Martin Vetterli, Jelena Kovacevic, Vivek K Goyal
Wavelets and Filter Banks Gilbert Strang, Truong Nguyen
Ten Lectures on Wavelets Ingrid Daubechies
Wavelets and Subband Coding Martin Vetterli, Jelena Kovacevic
The World According to Wavelets: The Story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making Barbara Burke Hubbard
A First Course on Wavelets Eugenio Hernandez, Guido L. Weiss
A Friendly Guide to Wavelets Gerald Kaiser
Adapted wavelet analysis from theory to software Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
An Introduction to Wavelets (Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications, Volume 1) Charles K. Chui
Image and Data Analysis: the Multiscale Approach Jean-Luc Starck, Fionn Murtagh, Albert Bijaoui
Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms: A Primer C. Sidney Burrus, Ramesh A. Gopinath, Haitao Guo
Multirate Systems and Filter Banks P. P. Vaidyanathan
Wavelets and Multiscale Signal Processing Albert Cohen, Robert D. Ryan
A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis A Boggess & FJ Narcowich
A mathematical introduction to wavelets P.Wojtaszczyk
A Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets (London Mathematical Society Student Texts 37) P. Wojtaszczyk
A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications James S. Walker
Advances in Gabor Analysis Hans G. Feichtinger, Thomas Strohmer (Eds.)
An Introduction to Frames and Riesz Bases Ole Christensen
An Introduction to Wavelet Analysis Walnut
An Introduction to Wavelets and Other Filtering Methods in Finance and Economics Ramazan Gencay, Faruk Selcuk, Brandon Whitcher
Analysis and Probability: Wavelets, Signals, Fractals Palle E. T. Jorgensen
Approximation Theory: From Taylor Polynomials to Wavelets O. Christensen and K.L. Christensen
Bilddatenkompression. Grundlagen, Codierung, JPEG, MPEG, Wavelets Tilo Strutz
Coherent States, Wavelets and Their Generalizations S.T.Ali, J-P.Antoine, and J-P.Gazeau
Computational Signal Processing with Wavelets Teolis
Discovering Wavelets Edward Aboufadel, Steven Schlicker
Essential Wavelets for Statistical Applications and Data Analysis R. Todd Ogden
Foundations of Time-Frequency Analysis Karlheinz Groechenig
Frames and Bases: An Introductory Course Ole Christensen
Gabor Analysis and Algorithms: Theory and Applications Hans G. Feichtinger, Thomas Strohmer (Eds.)
Modern Sampling Theory: Mathematics and Applications John J. Benedetto, Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira (Eds.)
Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications Rick S. Blum and Zheng Liu (edt.)
Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Transforms, Subbands and Wavelets Ali N. Akansu and Richard A. Haddad
Multiscale Potential Theory: With Applications to Geoscience Willi Freeden and Volker Michel
Practical Time-Frequency Analysis - Gabor and Wavelet Transforms with an Implementation in S Rene Carmona , Wen-Liang Hwang , Bruno Torresani
Quantitative Comparison and Analysis of Image Registration Using Frequency-Adaptive Wavelet Shrinkage Dinov ID, Mega MS, Thompson PM, Woods RP, Sumners DWL, Sowell EL, Toga AW
Ripples in Mathematics - The Discrete Wavelet Transform A. Jensen, A. La Cour-Harbo
Sampling, Wavelets, and Tomography J.J. Benedetto, A.I. Zayed (Eds.)
Shape Analysis and Classification: Theory and Practice Luciano da Fontoura Costa, Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior
The Evolution of Applied Harmonic Analysis: Models of the Real World Elena Prestini (Foreword by R. Bracewell)
The Hilbert-Huang Transform in Engineering Norden Huang and Nii Attoh-Okine
The Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook: Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Finance Paul S Addison
Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Methods Jeffrey A. Hogan and Joseph D. Lakey
Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis Patrick Flandrin
Transforms and Fast Algorithms for Signal Analysis and Representations Guoan Bi, Yonghong Zeng
Two-Dimensional Wavelets and their Relatives J-P.Antoine, R.Murenzi, P.Vandergheynst and S.T.Ali
Wavelet Analysis Howard L. Resnikoff, Raymond O. Wells Jr.
Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis Donald B. Percival, Andrew T. Walden
Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications Debnath
Wavelet Transforms and Time-Frequency Signal Analysis Debnath
Wavelets - eine Einführung für Ingenieure Werner Bäni
Wavelets a primer Christian Blatter
Wavelets and Operators Yves Meyer
Wavelets and Signal Processing Debnath
Wavelets and Subbands Abbate, DeCusatis, Das
Wavelets in Physics J.C. van den Berg (Ed.)
Wavelets Made Easy Nievergelt
Wavelets through a Looking Glass: The world of the spectrum. Ola Bratteli, Palle Jorgensen
Wavelets. Theorie und Anwendungen. Alfred Karl Louis, Peter Maaß, Andreas Rieder
Wavelets: an elementary treatment of theory and applications Tom H. Koornwinder (ed.)
Wavelets: Calderon-Zygmund and Multilinear Operators Yves Meyer, Ronald Coifman
Wavelets: Tools for Science and Technology Stephane Jaffard, Robert D. Ryan, Yves Meyer
Waves and Wavelets: From Fourier to Wavelet Analysis of Time Series Pedro A. Morettin
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